victoria’s secret is bucking the bra trend

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-18
As far as Victoria\'s Secret is concerned, sex is sold out.
It seems obvious but billions
The dollar underwear industry has recently moved in different directions.
Now, when mothers of all underwear brands try to figure out how best to get women back to its lace --
Packed with shops, it doubled its sexy bra in the first place.
In January, the former Hispanic singer, who moved to Victoria last year, outlined her plans to revive the brand for the parent company, L Brands Inc.
As more and more clothing retailers enter the pilot industry, she faces increasingly fierce competition: from the main city clothing manufacturers of the hipsters to fast-
Fashion giant Forever 21 is trying to profit from the frenzy of ventilation, less fashion
Reinforced bra called \"bralettes.
Earlier this month, Brand L shares fell to 6-
Weak earnings forecasts are the lowest in years, as are reports
Sales at Victoria\'s Secret store fell 14% in the last quarter.
The singer announced that the brand will return to its roots.
The CEO said in a conference call that we are \"engaged in fashion and sexy business \".
She wants to know what her customers expect from products that \"say sexy\" to them and \"solve her sexy.
She wants to offer herself a \"sexy choice \".
In the sports bra, she tries to show women that \"sexy is powerful \".
\"It\'s a lot of sex, but what does that mean? Push-
As the iconic style of Victoria\'s Secret, up bras has been touted for its cleavage --
Induce the superpower to review the brand\'s plump bomb image for decades.
In fact, the tag has a push
Bra series (
And the fragrance of perfume)
Called \"bomb. ”A40-year-
Once completely changed the old brand of the way women buy underwear, Victoria\'s secretary transferred many taboos about things that cannot be mentioned by subverting the old underwear boutique model, in this model, black or beige bra.
Humility rules everything, and Victoria\'s Secret is by no means modesty, but positioning itself as a fashion brand by introducing supermodels and selling bold styles. The push-
The bra is at the heart of Victoria\'s Secret glory.
But earlier this year, brandstrayedwhen joined the package and turned to pitchingbralettes, a light-weight, more comfortable structured bra version.
Victoria\'s Secret wedding was also sexy, calling them \"sexy little things \".
\"But this is not needed, and now bralettes will account for less than 5% of the brand\'s bra variety.
\"I think anyone can make a bra, it\'s a time to come and go and it will show up again,\" the singer said . \".
\"But for us, the bra we make is the best.
When we do this, even in our bralette business, there are more bralette buildings on them, and we get paid.
This is a strange move, partly because
Recently, up bras didn\'t have a lot of fun.
American Eagle underwear chain Aerie announced on Wednesday that it saw softness in bra sales due to lack of luster --up category.
However, Jennifer Foyle, president of the Aerie brand, admitted that bralettes had saturated the market.
Cora Harrington, who runs the lingerie addiction website, says the bra trend is ripe --
Those attracted by this style have changed.
Victoria\'s Secret entry cycle is late, and itscustomers don\'t seem to want to design from the brand\'s airier.
People go to Victoria\'s Secret sexy push-up, she said.
\"Customers have found their favorite brand of bralette,\" Harrington said . \".
\"They don\'t just have to change it again.
Harrington believes that the core issue of Victoria\'s Secret is not the style of the bra it sells.
Instead, the sexy image that has long been cultivated has become stale because the brand is reluctant to expand its definition of beauty, she said.
For example, Aerie tries to challenge beauty standards by casting a range of body types in its activities.
Victoria\'s Secret continues with the shape of the supermodel. Byde-
Emphasizing bralettes, the company can be said to have gone further in time.
Another tradition will continue with Victoria\'s Secret Re-repair strategy.
In New York City this week, hundreds of models (
Including the opening of Antigua and Herzegovina by Izabel Gulat)
Flocked to participate in the annual fashion show casting activities, eager to try the sex of the underwear brand --
The injection runway was broadcast on November on foot.
As usual, it must be full of angel wings, lace and bare skin.
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