victoria\'s secret in steady decline as company struggles to survive

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-18
Victoria\'s Secret, America\'s number one lingerie brand, was caught in a fierce conflict as financial reports showed that the company\'s popularity was not reflected in sales.
Victoria\'s Secret annual fashion show is an unparalleled fashion event in the electronic world. commerce.
It has the largest model and successfully positioned itself as an authorization model for the audience and related models.
Although this is an underwear parade for selling things.
So, bravo, the news. com. au.
However, the brand does not seem to be able to translate the activities broadcast on television into profitable and consistent sales at the retail level.
The first Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 1995 advertised during the Super Bowl, counting down 72 hours, followed by 2 million people watching it online.
Last year, the company\'s rating was 5 million, but fell by 32 age points compared to previous years.
In the ratings of the red-nose reindeer broadcast on CBS, the fashion show was actually awkwardly defeated.
Previously, the ratings of the once sensational TV event showed a steady downward trend.
The brand found it difficult to translate fashion events into consistent online and retail sales, which included live performances by musicians and underwear pillars.
The company also relies on sales once a year.
One matches the big fashion show and the other is held in the summer.
Brand L July-
Parent company with Victoria Secret
It is reported that the company\'s share price fell sharply after the sale period in July.
Sales were disappointing and the company described it as a \"soft starter for negative traffic levels\", which did not improve despite the brand\'s extended sales period.
According to Jefferies analyst Randal Konik, Victoria Secret\'s constant reduction in the price of the brand will not help to push the brand to the target market.
Victoria\'s Secret Pink brand sells underwear for teenagers for $3.
Konik called the brand \"out of touch\", called the low-price retail price \"a fashion\" and said that \"with its launch, there will be a serious profit and cash flow impact, to market insiders.
After the disappointing performance of underwear producers in July, investors quickly sold stocks in large quantities, causing stock prices to fall sharply.
The brand recently sent a set of clothing and wings to the families of the Kardashians sisters, whose social media coverage surpassed the British population and far exceeded the ratings of TV fashion shows.
L Brands may find it difficult to accept the stagnant sales of Victoria Secret because a business model puts them under pressure when a business suffers losses.
As a company, the L brand was previously more diverse, including Express, Gaylans and other brands, but many of them have been merged, this allows the company to focus on Victoria\'s secrets and other major retailers, Bath and physical engineering.
While L Brands recently reported an increase of 8 percentage points in sales last quarter, they attributed the improvement to the market performance of Bath & Body Works, not the secret of lingerie giant Victoria.
In the past few years, there have been some changes in the business that have been attributed to flat sales, including the elimination
Specific features such as mail-out catalogue.
About 0. 3 billion people accepted this in 2015-
But with the world no longer printing and digitizing, the business is expected to save itself millions of dollars (NZ$222. 3 million)
In printing and distribution.
According to Stuart Burgdoerfer, chief financial officer of L Brands, the decision was made by rethinking Victoria\'s Secret model, that is, \"starting the business today in the current context of 2016\"
However, the decision to cancel the popular catalog may now be considered a mistake, as well as other popular elements of the brand, including their underwear mail before purchase.
The brand has also canceled popular swimwear and clothing collections, calling them \"non-core.
\"Victoria\'s Secret is still the largest lingerie brand in the United States, but its position in the market is declining.
Many start-ups offering direct servicesto-
Strong growth in consumer business models, among which directto-
Consumer marketing on social media platforms (
Not much different from Victoria\'s Secret original catalogueto-consumer model).
Brand L shares plunged 43 percentage points this year.
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