victoria\'s secret a fashion event unlike any other

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-04
There is a clear reason for the annual Victoria Secret fashion show-even a month --all to itself.
On Tuesday, when an announcer shouted at crowds gathered in the armory in the East Side of Manhattan, the annual fashion spectacle was \"different from any other fashion event in the world.
\"You can say it again.
Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show 2015 is more of a rock concert than a fashion Review.
Victoria\'s Secret audience did not stand on the stage during fashion week, saving their polite applause for the last episode, but stood up and applauded and cheered loudly throughout the show.
There are real pop stars on the stage.
The Weeknd is carried out.
So are Selena Gomez and Ellie gulding.
But the supermodel walked on the runway with high heels, lace and something else, and of course it was the star of the show.
Kendall Jenner watched her secret Victoria debut in the front row with proud mom Chris Jenner.
Her best friend, Gigi Hadid, also made a big swing on the runway.
As the seat jumps from De La Soul to Pat Benatar\'s soundtrack, the model flashes, claps and waves on the runway, their props and costumes are similar to what may be seen during the carnival in Brazil or Trinidad. .
Huge pink wings, huge feathers, dazzling body stockings, and a model holding a spinning needle wheel on her back.
From \"exotic butterflies\" to \"ice angels\" to \"pink America\" and \"fireworks\", these costumes show a variety of themes, from the silver single-piece and helmet that simulates astronaut Cosmic clothing, to the wild western pattern represented by turquoise lace, it is simply matched with a white cowboy hat.
At a time when pigeons and Ryan Bryant called for a celebration of a more diverse body shape, Victoria\'s Secret kept the real form, showing a series of thin-track models.
But the diversity of races is amazing, and on the stylish upper floors, the uniform runway is still a welcome respite.
From the snow of paper falling on the audience, to the ending where the model came out to dance before the final exit, it was a great party.
When the show is scheduled to be broadcast on television in December, the whole world will be given a pass.
Victoria\'s Secret Fashion Show 2015 will be broadcast at CBS on Tuesday, December 8 at 10: 00. m. /9 p. m.
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