vicky pattison strips to black string underwear and a sports bra as she poses for a sultry bedroom selfie

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-17
She\'s no stranger to a sexy selfie or two.
Vicky Pattison sat in her bedroom again on Friday posing for another hot photo, and she was startled.
The 31-year-old former George Shore star stripped off her black string underwear and sports bra as she lay on her white bed sheet.
The brunette made sure her curve was the main focus of the rough pillar, and she cut her face off the snap.
Looking at every inch of the siren, Vicky lifts up her enviable assets and shows her deep golden skin.
The character of the reality TV show wrote in the wet picture: \"Don\'t Disturb\", suggesting that she needs to rest and relax.
Despite just returning from a romantic city holiday with her new boyfriend Ercan Ramadan.
The couple had only been dating for a couple of weeks and returned to Budapest, Hungary for their first mini-date.
Since going public as a project last month, take a break.
During their trip, the reality TV star showed off his body in a hot mirror selfie while visiting the spa.
\"Poor Cow,\" wrote Vicky. . .
God knows why my face is like this. I really have a good time.
Maybe I\'m an internal smiler).
\"Try to freshen up at the beautiful spa before we go home. . . Worked a treat! !
She made the title on the post.
Vicky recently admitted that she and one
Time TOWIE star Ercan \"slipped into her DMV\" after she broke up with her former fiancé John Noble \". She told new!
Magazine: \"We have been following on Instagram for a long time.
This is one of the places you follow good looking guys.
\"Vicky said that the couple did not achieve any results because Ercan had a girlfriend and she met John, but the two of them were from their respective partners in a month. She added: \"HeErcan]
Sneaked into my DMs at Christmas and it disappeared from there.
He\'s cute and funny.
On a trip to Dubai in February, vicky and her new boyfriend made public
Three months later, she canceled her engagement with John.
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