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US Open: Alize Cornet brushes off sexism row over shirt change incident

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-24
The tennis player was at the center of gender discrimination at the US Open, and she was surprised by the uproar caused by one thing, in which she was briefly exposed in court.
Alize Cornet was handed over to a code violator three months ago.
Lost to Johanna Larsson on Tuesday. The 28-year-
After a medically induced hot break, old left the court of Flushing Meadows and came back without realizing that her top was on the wrong side, prompting her to quickly remove it and place it
Referee Christian Rask immediately punished World 31, prompting many prominent figures in the game to attack the incident on the grounds of gender discrimination, as male players were allowed to change their jerseys on the pitch.
But Cornet admits she was surprised when she woke up the next day and heard strong opposition, and the tournament owner was forced to go all out
Blow loss control mode.
\"Women are treated a little differently ,(but)
I think it will be better, especially in tennis . \"
\"I want to clarify that I\'m not that bad.
I may have been disturbed for 10 seconds, that\'s it.
American Tennis Association (USTA)
Apologies for Wednesday\'s incident, adding that shirt adjustment is not a violation and should not lead to punishment.
But instead of raising USTA\'s heat, Cornet lets those in charge of her home game see her recent decision to ban Serena Williams from wearing her skin --
The tight \"Warrior Princess\" suit.
Bernard Judy Chelli last week
President of the French Federation-
The outfit \"will no longer be accepted\" because it \"goes too far\" and players \"have to respect the game and the place,\" he said \". The figure-
Nike tights
Designed to help prevent blood clots that have plagued Williams since her daughter was born last year --
When she wore it at Mei\'s French Open, it caught the attention of fans. Williams -
Who will face sister Venus at Friday\'s US Open?
But Cornet accused Mr Giudicelli of \"living in another era \".
She said: \"What Bernard Giudicelli said about Serena catsuit is 10,000 times worse than what happened to me in court yesterday because he is the president of the French Federation because he does not have to do so.
\"This kind of person does not help the work we do to make women fairer. n. \"
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