US media: Research says yoga can 'reverse' people's response to stress

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-01-16
According to US media, a research report published in the journal Immunology Frontier evaluates ten years of research on how genetic behavior is affected by different physical and mental interventions, including meditation and yoga. According to a report on the US daily science website on June 15, a study jointly conducted by the University of cowengui in the UK and the University of naimeiheng in the Netherlands found that physical and mental interventions, such as meditation, yoga and tai chi, can not only relax us, and can 'reverse' DNA molecular reactions that cause health problems and depression. Experts from these two universities believe that a total of 846 people have participated in 18 studies in the past 11 years, they discovered a molecular change pattern caused by the influence of physical and mental intervention on the body, and the study also found out how these changes are beneficial to our physical and mental health. Researchers specifically studied how physical and mental intervention affects gene expression. In other words, the way genes that affect the physiological structure of the body, brain and immune system produce protein. When a tense event is encountered, the sympathetic nervous system of the human body is stimulated, thus accelerating the production of a molecule that controls gene expression and is called nuclear factor kB. This molecule expresses tension by stimulating genes to produce cytokines that cause molecular inflammation. This short-term stress response is beneficial, but if it persists, it will increase the risk of mental illness such as cancer, accelerated aging and depression. However, according to this study, people who take physical and mental interventions in reality show the opposite effect-- That is, the generated nuclear factor kB and cytokines do not increase or decrease, resulting in a reversal of the gene expression pattern causing inflammation, and the risk of inducing related diseases and conditions is reduced.
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