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Underwear processing Why are you looking for such an underwear manufacturer?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-23
Nowadays, many customers are accustomed to looking for underwear manufacturers through the Internet. Customers who pay more attention to their problems will always ask, 'Which big brands have you processed underwear manufacturers with?' 'Have you ingorsports imitated some big brands of women's underwear? Huh?' The customers of ingorsports underwear factory will always tell customers patiently, like our ingorsports underwear manufacturer for 17 years, when we develop some new styles of underwear, of course we will learn from the styles and elements of some big brands of women's underwear, but We will not copy it completely. Our designers will join us in ingorsports' 17-year understanding of women's underwear to form their own unique style. A simple understanding of the phrase 'seek differences in the same way, and share similarities in common.' It is differentiated. feature!

Take it as an example of making seamless underwear. Guangzhou is famous for making seamless underwear. Considering the manufacturers of seamless underwear in the country, there are not 800 or 1,000. So many underwear manufacturers produce and process all kinds of underwear to the market. Most of the factories are OEM Processing is the main focus, and the underwear products produced are mostly based on what sells well in the market, so they follow the trend and imitate them. The result is that the homogenization competition is becoming increasingly fierce. This is also an important reason why many underwear manufacturers have not survived in the past two years.

Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports has been developing for 17 years, insisting on independent innovation, investing a lot of energy in product design and development, and developing different styles of women's underwear products for different regions and different groups of people, because after nearly 20 years of precipitation It also has its own unique characteristics, so our styles have more own characteristics in terms of style and details. Compared with the popular styles on the market, we have differentiated features of 'same but different'. Even the addition of a small ornament can reflect the unique side of ingorsports. This is a good way to avoid homogenization in the market as much as possible.

Like we launched some deep V black thermal underwear at the end of last year, although many of our counterparts in the market are imitating our styles, as long as you get our products and compare them with those on the market, you will find that our products A simple bud than lace is unique, because our lace is specially made to order, and has a three-dimensional effect, does not pierce the skin, and has a better feel, so our products may be more expensive than others, but many people Still willing to cooperate with our ingorsports underwear factory.

Strengthen the quality control of underwear products, and develop differentiated and unique products that meet the market demand with 'same but differentIf you are looking for underwear processing manufacturers, you may wish to know about ingorsports underwear factory!

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