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Underwear processing Pay attention to these 3 points to teach you how to choose an underwear factory

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-23
There are also many ways to process underwear. In the previous article, I talked about the 6 ways that underwear factories must know when they receive orders. I also introduced in detail how underwear factories can find customers to receive orders. On the contrary, customers need to find manufacturers for underwear processing. So in the numerous underwear factories, how do we choose the right one? ingorsports believes that you should start from these three points.

1. Underwear processing first depends on the brand awareness of the underwear factory.

The role of brand awareness for underwear factories is self-evident. A good brand underwear factory is equal to trust. Even if the price of processed underwear is higher, customers are willing to pay. However, it is not an overnight success to build a brand of an underwear factory, but it is a problem that the underwear factory cannot ignore, otherwise the factory will be passive and have no right to speak.

2. Underwear processing also depends on the credibility of the underwear factory.

Reputation and integrity are the foundation of an enterprise. If an underwear factory is well-known, but its reputation is relatively low, there may be more orders in the early stage, but because the factory's reputation is relatively low, it will not be faithful to the customer's promise, and will be abandoned by the customer over time. Once this low reputation word of mouth is formed, then such an underwear factory is not far from closing.

3. Underwear processing should also look at the strength and scale of underwear factories.

Many people look for underwear factories, especially those who look for factories on the Internet. They may be too concerned about the price of underwear processing, but they will regret it if they really cooperate. For example, some small and weak underwear factories have Profits can be made, but we may blindly lower the price. After getting the order, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and the delivery time cannot be guaranteed. I believe many people have encountered it.

Therefore, some large foreign companies such as Wal-Mart need to process underwear and find factories, and they will put forward strict requirements on the scale and strength of the factory, such as factory area, scale, operating years, market share, risk aversion ability and future development plans. In fact, this also interacts with the brand awareness and credibility of the underwear factory.

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