Underwear processing industry underwear factory is facing a big reshuffle, don't believe you see...

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-23
As a traditional manufacturing industry, the underwear processing industry has been called the decline of underwear processing orders in recent years. What is the root cause of the decline in orders from underwear factories? Where will the underwear factory and the underwear processing industry go? Why the underwear processing industry underwear factory will face a big reshuffle!

In the past two or three years, underwear factories have only processed orders, especially those factories that did not pay attention to underwear research and development capabilities before, but only blindly helped customers to make underwear OEM. Now it can be described as a 'depression'. With the rise of the Internet, The closed-ended situation of information asymmetry in the past has been broken. A few years ago, in order to grab orders, some underwear factories would blindly lower prices and fight price wars. However, after these underwear manufacturers got the order, in order to ensure a certain profit, they had to recharge them with inferior quality, which greatly reduced the quality of the underwear products produced.

We know that a great feature of the Internet is that this single information channel is broken. With the popularization of smart phones, everyone is a self-media, so when customers choose an underwear factory to cooperate in processing underwear, Because when the quality and service of underwear is not good, he can complain online; when the quality and service is good, he can like it again, forming a word-of-mouth effect.

In addition, the rapid development of the Internet, methods and marketing channels are changing every day, which is not a good thing for underwear manufacturers who are used to traditional business. Because the boss of the traditional underwear business in the past, as long as he guards a market store and does his own production, it will be in shape, and there is no need for too many changes from the outside world. But now, all that is changing significantly. For example, some new concepts and new business models such as micro-business, B2B, B2C, O2O, etc., which have emerged in recent years, are enough to give the bosses of underwear factories a headache.

There are also some underwear manufacturers who have a sense of crisis and want to learn, but now there are countless institutions that teach the Internet, and many bosses of underwear factories are also confused and don't know how to learn. Production and orders are simply overwhelmed, and there is no time to settle down and do a good job in the Internet.

Another reason is that when manufacturers who are used to traditional underwear production try to access the Internet, they believe that some institutions have finished learning the Internet, but they still don't know how to implement it when they come back. Some underwear manufacturers have also recruited several network personnel. , I did it for a few days and saw no orders before giving up.

Comprehensive of these points: the 17-year-old manufacturer of ingorsports seamless underwear factory believes that it will be more and more difficult for pure processing manufacturers to produce underwear without innovation and Ru0026D capabilities; Those who learn and make good use of Internet tools and channels can only be replaced by some new emerging underwear manufacturers.

Therefore, a major reshuffle in underwear factories and underwear processing factories has also begun in the past few years. The red dust and the waves wash away the sand. Who can truly escape a storm, who is the real leader in the future.

ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years, is ready, how about you?

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