Underwear processing costs are high. Do you know these hidden costs of underwear factories?

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
More and more people enter the underwear processing industry, the competition among underwear manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce, and the division of labor in various links of underwear manufacturers that have developed into a large scale is also increasing, and various hidden costs will follow, which is also a lot of customers. I often ask, 'What's the price of my clothes that have been processed by other underwear manufacturers, why is the price so much higher in yours?' If you are also an underwear manufacturer, will you think of the factory for these confusions? What about some hidden costs driving up prices?

With the rapid development of society, underwear manufacturers are also following the trend of the times to learn various management methods, pay attention to the division of labor, professionals do professional things, set up bureaus for events, posts for bureaus, and people for posts. Therefore, many underwear processing factories that are not large-scale often suffer from serious diseases of large companies, causing the hidden cost of underwear processing to rise.

Now, in the era of e-commerce and Internet, many underwear manufacturers have also opened e-commerce network marketing channels, selling underwear factory products through the Internet, and building brand awareness of the company. We know that a great feature of the Internet is fast, efficient and interactive. However, the management mechanism of many underwear factories is far behind, and they often treat online orders or customers with a traditional conventional thinking. It will seriously affect the sales of subsequent stores. If you want to promote it well in the future, it will take more energy and time. It will naturally increase the promotion cost of underwear factories, which is also one of the hidden costs.

Look at these points that push up the cost of underwear processing, is your underwear manufacturer suffering?

1. The process is complicated, and posts are set up according to the situation.

It is not wrong to set up positions due to the process, but nowadays many small-scale underwear manufacturers do the same, resulting in wasted personnel and increased management costs. For example, some underwear factories also use some 'advanced' ERP software because of the fashion. The e-commerce side ships goods from the production warehouse to the e-commerce warehouse, multiple people audit, repeated audit, and sometimes special auditors ask for leave due to business reasons. Yes, not here. The delivery person needs to find this person and the leader to verify the signature. Often a batch of several hundred yuan of goods causes the delivery person or salesperson to run upstairs and downstairs all day to find the leader. The next day, When the auditors came, they repeatedly reported and explained to the auditors, which caused the delivery staff or the sales staff to get this order for a day or two, and couldn't do anything else, resulting in a waste of time. Naturally, underwear processing was also introduced. Hidden costs.

2. The staff of the underwear factory is unstable and the flow is too frequent.

Because the underwear processing industry has low and high seasons every year, many people from underwear factories will leave their jobs during the off-season. There is a very unusual phenomenon in Guangzhou. The real so-called 'temporary labor' market, in a few fixed locations, when the factory is busy, will go to this fixed 'temporary labor' market to recruit a group of people. The factory helps for a few days, settles the payment for completion when not busy, and severance on its own. In fact, the skilled workers and stable technicians of the underwear factory are also a kind of wealth for the factory.

We also often find some phenomena. For example, if there is a problem with a certain batch of products, it will be said that it was done by temporary workers. Yes, maybe it is really done by temporary workers, but what does it mean? Can you shirk the responsibility of underwear manufacturers? Temporary workers are not familiar with the factory's products, nor are they familiar with the process. Errors or rework are inevitable. This also virtually pushes up the hidden costs of underwear manufacturers.

3. The process arrangement is unreasonable and the efficiency is low.

Because of location constraints, many underwear factories often complete this process to the next process, often switching upstairs and downstairs, resulting in a waste of process time.

Underwear factory processing is originally an industry with complex procedures and a large division of labor. Various hidden costs will increase the cost of underwear processing if you are not careful. This is also a lot of customers have doubts about the same product, two underwear manufacturers are proofing production at the same time, but the price is very different. Of course, if the leadership of the underwear factory carefully analyzes, they will find that there are many hidden costs in their own factories that need to be solved urgently.

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