[Underwear manufacturers] It is reasonable to arrange underwear processing operations in the assembly line

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-26
For the efficient production of underwear processing, everyone adopts the method of assembly line operation, which has high efficiency and good quality control. In 2017, Guangzhou underwear manufacturer ingorsports currently employs more than 350 people, with an annual output of 12 million pieces of various women's underwear. Therefore, underwear manufacturers also use the method of assembly line underwear processing operations. How to ensure the reasonable arrangement of the assembly line? ingorsports believes that it should be done in 5 steps.

1. Make a reasonable underwear processing order plan.

Don't fight unprepared battles. This is especially true for a large-scale and powerful underwear manufacturer like ingorsports. Usually in the underwear manufacturer ingorsports, when an underwear processing order is placed in the workshop, it will first organize technicians and proofers to discuss its basic processing practices, formulate the corresponding process, and organize relevant personnel to test the average completion of each process. In time, you can basically calculate how many pieces of underwear are processed in a day, and formulate an underwear processing plan according to the daily production capacity.

2. Formulate processing requirements and standards for each sequence of underwear processing.

Like Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports, there are usually many processes in underwear processing. Generally, finished underwear and semi-finished underwear are processed in the same department. Reasonable allocation is very important, because some processes are relatively simple, which will cause pressure collection. Therefore, the factory manager will arrange some workers with weaker movements, or novices to operate these simple processes, and then cooperate with the inspectors to supervise and control in time, so as to control the rhythm of underwear processing well.

3. Inspectors control in time.

When the previous underwear processing process is completed, it will immediately flow to the relevant QC inspectors. They will inspect in time, find problems, and feedback to the process to ensure that the underwear produced on the same day will not be backlogged, and will not leave problems to the second sky.

4. Deal with some reworked underwear products in time.

When there is an occasional problem in underwear processing and no need to rework is found, each assembly line team leader, QC personnel and technical personnel will organize a meeting with relevant personnel every day to maintain communication and deal with them in a timely manner, and never let the backlog of products with these problems be put on hold.

5. Underwear processing mantissa processing.

Underwear manufacturers like ingorsports often have some bad numbers. Nowadays, underwear manufacturers are also fully managed. After each process is completed and handed over to the next process, they will hand over the quantity and make a record. At the same time, it is linked to the performance of relevant personnel.

In short, if the underwear processing line operation is to be efficient, it is necessary to ensure the connection and smoothness of each process, and the seamless connection. At the same time, the relevant management personnel and inspectors should also supervise and control from time to time, because the flow operation efficiency is high, but if there is a problem in a certain underwear processing process that is not found in time, it may flow to the next process or even to the end, which may be a batch problem. .

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