Underwear factory ingor reveals the secret of women's underwear customization will become a new trend in future development

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
In today's era of abundant items, all kinds of women's underwear on the market are even more dazzling, but at the same time, people's pursuit of product personalization is getting higher and higher, which is also higher and higher for the production and processing enterprises of underwear factories. In the future, underwear manufacturers that can provide customized women's underwear will have a bright future.

In the age of information asymmetry and lack of materials, as long as underwear factories increase their horsepower production, women's underwear will not worry about no sales, just have a stall in a large market and recruit some agents to wholesale women's underwear, It is often in short supply. But now, in this era of more and more self-consciousness and self-reliance, people also put forward higher requirements for the women's underwear they wear. Unique, personalized, and limited editions are more popular.

In recent years, it is more obvious that the number of people in the market stalls of underwear factories has become less and less, the requirements of single customers have become higher and higher, and the number of single women's underwear processing has become less and less. In the underwear factory in Guangzhou, I have a deep understanding. In the past, I opened a stall in the Guangzhou International Trade City market, put on a few samples, and sat in the store waiting for customers to fill the door. Now this kind of scene is rare, and it is affected by the Internet. It is one aspect; a more important aspect is that many customers have higher and higher requirements. For example, in the past, many customers had an order with a single color of 3000, 5000 pieces, but now, there may be only 500, 1000 pieces of a single color in a single color; more What's more, many customers see a certain women's underwear on the Internet or in the market. Based on his vision, he thinks that there must be a market, so he just sends two pictures or a video and asks the underwear factory to design a sample. Underwear manufacturers who only focus on OEM processing are a huge challenge. They require professional designers who can design customer-satisfying styles based on experience. This is not affordable for ordinary underwear manufacturers.

At the same time, I have to mention Guangzhou underwear factory ingorsports. Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless knitted underwear for 17 years. Over the years, the underwear factory President Wang has a unique and forward-looking strategic vision. In the early years, ingorsports underwear factory started from The production of socks started. When the seamless women's underwear was just emerging, Mr. Wang keenly grasped that this was a big business opportunity, so the factory was transformed in time. At the beginning of the transformation, ingorsports underwear factory insisted on independent research and development and design of women's underwear. A special Ru0026D department for women's underwear styles and materials has been established. While providing customers with OEM women's underwear processing, it also develops and produces its own women's underwear styles to recommend to customers, allowing customers to test the market.

As more and more customers cooperate with ingorsports underwear factory, we always maintain a cooperative relationship with friends. Through long-term development and improvement of women's underwear styles processed by customers, the underwear factory introduces some new styles to recommend to customers. Customers rely on their own With the understanding of the local market, suggestions are given to the underwear factory, and the Ru0026D personnel of the underwear factory will then improve the processing of the new women's underwear. Such a way of close cooperation between underwear factories and customers has formed a stable and mutually beneficial relationship.

This is also one of the reasons why many underwear factories have made business difficult and orders have declined in recent years, but ingorsports underwear factory has been able to counterattack. , following the trend of the times, to provide customers with personalized on-demand women's underwear customized processing services.

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