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Underwear factory ingor knitting was once again awarded the Guangzhou AA-level 'Contract-honoring and Credit-worthy Enterprise'

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-30
Integrity is the foundation of everyone and the foundation of the enterprise. Over the years, ingorsports underwear factory has always insisted on operating with integrity and trustworthiness. To customers, we insist on keeping promises and promises; to the country, ingorsports fulfills the responsibilities and obligations of an underwear manufacturer and an entrepreneur, operates with integrity, does not evade or expose taxes, and actively responds to and participates in various public welfare activities. , Ingorsports won the Guangzhou AA-level 'Contract-honoring and Credit-worthy Enterprise' again!

InGuangzhou, the reputation of ingorsports is also well-known in the underwear processing industry. Many customers have cooperated with ingorsports and will list ingorsports as a reliable underwear manufacturer.

Miss Sun, a customer from Nantong who came to the underwear factory in September, chose to cooperate with ingorsports. After proofing in the early stage, after visiting the underwear factory, she ordered tens of thousands of seamless underwear on the spot. Her customer is a Japanese customer, and the product requirements are extremely strict. After proofing, our underwear factory confirmed that the customer is very satisfied. First The next time an order is placed, the first batch of delivery usually comes to the underwear factory in person or delegates a third-party agency to inspect the goods. But the customer said that he had seen our underwear factory, and we also helped him make samples. He believed in the strength and service of our factory very much, so he entrusted us to take full responsibility. When the time comes, he will send the quantity to him, and he will call the remaining money. That's it.

Sure enough, the first batch of goods was delivered to his customer. The customer was very satisfied. The second batch of goods was delivered on the 20th of this month. The customer is still the same.

This is the underwear factory that insists on integrity, and customers trust and rest assured. An honest underwear manufacturer is not bragging about how it is. Rather, it stands the test of time and customers. Over the years, the development of the underwear factory has been getting better and better, and customers are queuing up and willing to wait for the underwear to be processed, which shows this.

Because the underwear factory has an excellent reputation in the underwear processing industry, we have been rated as 'Guangzhou Advanced Enterprise'Abide by the contract and get a credit enterpriseThis time ingorsports underwear factory won this honor again is well deserved.

Thank you very much for your trust in the ingorsports underwear factory. In the future, the underwear factory will continue to operate in good faith and keep the credit as the principle to provide you with better service.

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