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Underwear factory finds customers through the Internet, tracking is very important

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-29
It is not a new thing for underwear factories to launch online marketing, and finding customers through the Internet is nothing new. However, ingorsports also found that many underwear factories have started e-commerce online marketing, but they are not very ideal. Sales tracking has a lot to do with it.

We often say that if sales are not tracked, they will end in nothing. Network marketing is mainly marketing, and marketing includes promotion and sales. So when underwear factories are doing network marketing, they start to do a good job of positioning and sorting out. In the early stage, the main purpose is to promote, and publish a large number of relevant information of underwear factories, so that potential target customers can find and understand the strength and services of underwear factories. The customer service staff quickly get the customer's contact information, and then follow up and track the transaction through the sales staff of the underwear factory.

In reality, many decision-makers of underwear factories think that doing business and doing network marketing is the job of the network salesmen, and they don't care from beginning to end, as long as the result is the result. The network promotion staff is also a professional technical work. If you want to quickly make the online marketing effect of the underwear factory, you must focus on releasing a large amount of information, so that customers can find the information of underwear manufacturers in the information ocean of the Internet. Then, after in-depth communication with the online customer service staff, the customer contact information was obtained. This is the basic completion of the network part, then it is necessary to return to the follow-up of traditional offline business.

However, many underwear factories require that online promotion, optimization, customer service, and sales follow-up are all done by e-commerce personnel. The result is that e-commerce personnel engaged in network is a professional technical work. There is still a big difference from pure sales personnel, including communication skills and follow-up skills that not every e-commerce technician can fully master.

Therefore, if the underwear factory is engaged in network marketing and wants good results and good results, it really needs to be reconsidered. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, we pay attention to teamwork, divide labor and cooperate with each other to move forward in the designated target direction.

Then the sales staff of the underwear factory need to cooperate with each other after getting the customer contact information given by the online sales department. Then, after understanding the basic information, the sales staff of the underwear factory will follow up by phone, WeChat, email, etc. Sales personnel should also undergo professional training in underwear factories to understand the products and the status quo of the company's strength. Develop effective tracking methods, such as when to call customers, when to interview customers, etc., to ensure that each link can operate effectively.

Therefore, underwear factories should continue to learn and summarize in the process of network marketing. If the effect is not good, they should reflect more. Start from the results you want, track the process, and work together to promote customer transactions.

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