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ultimate undergarments: three new bras to update your lingerie drawer

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-19
If your bra selection looks a bit stale this spring, then it may be time for you to update some new underwear.
However, instead of endlessly searching for shelves of bra brands and styles, it is better to take a more direct approach (
We dare say educated.
Take a look at these new styles before buying bras.
We \'ve picked three of our favorite new releases, each of which meets the potential gaps in your underwear collection. From an active-
Proper sports bra, wear-
There are shoulder-less bras everywhere, and this is the three bra styles to pick this season: Smooth T-shaped
The bra is a very popular shirt. to for day-to-
Day suits, especially when lighter
The weight of spring and summer.
This bra from La Vie en Rose, Canada features a lightweight gap foam for seamless finish and increased comfort and breathability.
The unique fabric comes with a small pocket to allow a soft breeze to pass your bra.
Gray, pink, blue and black are available. $44.
95 | latest addition to the La Vie en rose Canadian brand collection, The Knix Racerback Evolution Bra features a wide shoulder strap to add comfort while wearing (
The baby has no back bump! )
Zero hardware such as snap rings, zippers or hooks to catch up.
There are four elastic fabrics
Stretch and wet way
To make you feel free and to sweat relatively freely (
After all, you exercise inside.
When you raise your heart rate
Black, white, gray and desert sand. $65 | Knixwear.
The CaA shoulder-less bra is theoretically an important addition to the underwear drawer.
But, in fact, it seems impossible to find a version that is both comfortable and supported.
Meet your way, more
Convertible Bra with at least 49 internal hooks (
Depending on the size of the cup and band)
Connect the straps easily.
Designed for eight different ways of wearing, this style perfectly adapts to all the fancy straps and ties of the sun season, while also offering an unlined cup, to prevent the bra from appearing too bulky under the rough fabric.
Black and nude.
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