tv host airbrushes her own bellybutton in botched photoshop job

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-28
A conceited TV host was caught because fans found out that she had taken a better picture of herself --
Accidentally removed her button in the process.
41-year-old Russian TV show host Tina candaraki posted photos of her work for a 1-year-old girl on her social media account.
Admire the followers of 4 million.
This photo shows dark-skinned Tina posing in the gym wearing black leggings and a cropped top sports bra, revealing some suspicious abs. But sharp-
Followers of the eyes notice the star\'s navel
Always visible in other snapshots-
Mystery disappeared. One eagle-
Followers of the eyes commented: \"Abs appears and the navel disappears.
\"Some people are more friendly and think that the leggings of the host may have covered her navel.
But another one smiled and said, \"Tina, I can teach you how to use Photoshop!
Otherwise it looks funny!
\"Maybe not the stomach, but the back!
\"Click to get more information from the sun.
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