Try Kundalini Yoga Dvds by Maya Fiennes Journey

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2020-06-19
Spreading peace, love, happiness, health, and well-being the unique combination of yoga and music, is the life mission of Fiennes, a Macedonian born, multi-faceted, and multi-talented personality. Being a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Maya believes yoga in general - and Kundalini Yoga in particular, offers the secrets to locating true joy. As involved in her continuing effort to help more people reap and the way her teachings, Maya Fiennes has published an involving CDs and DVDs, including a set of DVDs containing many significant and beneficial mantras. You will discover a brief introduction to these DVDs in the following paragraphs. The set of Kundalini Yoga DVDs and the whole collection of Maya's publications are available with Yoga Technology at These DVDs may make be a turning point in your life! The journey through yoga that you aspire to attempt is, in fact, a journey of seeking truth, discovering your inner beauty, and realizing your total physical health. As Maya has mentioned in another context, your body is a temple and its proper upkeep is part of one's duty. Yoga is your ideal partner in this regard. Hence, Kundalini Yoga DVDs, and especially Maya Fiennes DVDs, offer an excellent starting point to launch your yogic voyage. Maya has released three yoga DVDs based on the mantras pertaining to Kundalini Yoga. They are, 'Be Happy, Achieve Wealth & Heal Yourself, 'Balance control . & Accept Love, and 'Energize Peace & Love,' respectively. The other yoga DVDs that are authored by her include a three DVD set named, 'Journey through the Chakras-1, 2, & 3,' and, 'Detox and De-stress.' The Content in a Nutshell The word 'mantra' is a Sanskrit term derived from two words, 'man' and 'tra.' By translating them literally, we get the meaning of mantra as the 'instrument of thought.' Mantras are energy-based vibrations of be. They, in essence, help to boost energy state of our body to higher frequency environment that in turn enhances our mental dominion. In short, the era of the chanting mantras can shift your perspective into experience of their life. The focus of the first series of, 'The Mantras of Kundalini Yoga,' is on realizing a healthy, prosperous, and joyful lifetime. The second series focuses on balancing your body and facilitating the integration of the trio of body, mind, and spirit, even though third concentrates on developing a neutral mind so that your intuitive power can blossom to its full potential. Similarly the series, 'Journey through the Chakras,' helps you in improving all your positive qualities such as, courage, creativity, willpower, love, and truth; as well as wisdom and bliss.
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