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true&co: your personal online bra shopper and fitter

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
Rancho Palos vides, California-
If you think you can\'t buy a bra successfully in the privacy of your home, you may feel different soon.
Or at least that\'s what True & Co wants.
The site will be released today, trying to make it easier to buy bras on the Internet by applying search technology to the process.
In essence, it wants to replacealways-
Suitable for the pleasant process of bra with computer. Go to www. trueandco. Com, take two-
Minute online quiz, including questions about the comfort of your current bra and your current size, and with the help of special algorithms, the website will list the size and style that best suits you.
Pick the five you are interested in trying at home and the company will send them to you.
You pay for what you want to buy and send back other things for free.
Two-way transportation is free.
\"The woman told us (
We have experienced it ourselves)
Bra shopping is one of your most unpleasant experiences in the store.
This is not shopping.
Half the station-
Naked in the fitting room with strangers and tape measure, \"CEO and partner Michelle Lin
The founder of True & Co told ABC News.
\"We have created an online bra accessory and a home trial-
Let women know about their unique body shape and what is useful to them.
\"But True & Co doesn\'t just want to be seen as a web bra shop.
It takes the technology seriously and applies it to the process.
\"Our fit algorithm does not use tape measure because we found 1)
Many of our customers do not have tape measure and tape measure.
Even if they do, they don\'t know how to use them to find their dimensions, \"Lin\'s colleague, athri Ramamurthy
The founder of True & Co told ABC News.
\"Instead, we use a simple two-
A minute quiz that combines user input with our translation engine to determine the potential style and size range that suits that customer.
\"True & Co will carry nearly 200 styles of bras from more than 20 brands including Calvin Klein and Na.
The company raised $2 million in the first round of financing.
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