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triumph international looks for sales boost from new lingerie line

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
Triumph International, an underwear retailer, is counting on a new series of \"magic boost\" bras to boost sales.
The brand, advertised by model Daisy Lowe, said its new promotion, promotion and shaping of goods was one of the products recently launched.
The company said the series was \"designed for the consumer\'s need for a perfect underwear of every type \".
Triumph has operations in 120 countries and is in stock in stores such as Selfridges and Fenwick, adding that it plans to reopen in 2017
Launch the sports bra series Triaction.
Accounts that have just applied for revenue from armshow in the UK have dropped to £ 32.
It was 8 million in 2015 and 35 million in the previous year.
Part of the decline was due to sales of its HOM lingerie brand in 2015.
\"Despite some increased confidence, consumer confidence remains fragile, which translates into increased spending on high street and online businesses,\" the report said. \"Pre-
Tax profits rose to 1.
8 million from 13 million.
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