traveling to new york? no need to pack your workout gear

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-10-16
It\'s just getting easier and easier to exercise on the road, it\'s a doubleedged sword -
Less excuses for travelers to reduce fitness!
But whether you carry it or not
With regards to checking in luggage or driving, paying for high aviation costs, light packing is good and easier access to exercise and equipment is the trend that I will continue to lag behind.
I \'ve written about this before on Forbes, and some hotels and chain stores are paying more and more attention to the fitness needs of travelers.
Last year, for example, the Westin launched
End Peloton interactive bikes are available in the fitness center and some guest rooms of many hotels (
We have one in our house. They are amazing! ).
The Hilton hotel combines traditional rooms with private mini rooms to create a \"five-foot gym \".
The fitness center will not allow you to go to the health club.
I also introduced a number of hotels that make it easy to practice yoga in your room with guidance and equipment, as well as unique products from the Triumph Hotel Group in New York, work with the flexible course plan FitReserve to provide guests with the opportunity to enter the city\'s top studios in a variety of active events.
These are good options to make it easier for travelers to exercise while away from home or at the gym.
Now, Big Apple offers another program for travelers who want to pack their lights.
Just launched in Manhattan this month, regular is a brand-
A new company designed to help travelers maintain fitness habits while away from home.
This concept comes from personal experience.
Routinely\'s founder is two college friends who work in investment banking and private equity, and it is difficult for them to stay active on business trips.
They pointed out several issues related to exercise on the road: some travelers thought it was troublesome to pack and exercise clothes;
They don\'t have enough space to carry with them. ons;
They don\'t want
Packing old dirty clothes with business clothes;
Or just forget to bring your gym clothes and shoes.
All of this gives them a glimpse of the business opportunity, and while there are a few hotels that offer fitness clothing or sneakers to guests, most of them do not, and as a result, this convenience service is often introduced by any hotel, to expand the convenience for any traveler.
One good thing is that there is no time difference: through the regular website, users can order a kit in advance and it will wait at their hotel when they arrive.
They can still get the same even if they don\'t plan ahead-
Delivery within two hours.
There are two versions of the kit for men and women.
Women\'s suits include vests, sports bras and leggings;
There\'s a short inside of a man.
Shirts and shorts.
Both kits include a pair of socks (
Which users can keep)
Free RN running shoes from Nike
The clothes are first class and have just been washed from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Rhone.
Tops are one of three shows for women
Nike\'s material tank, Adidas Climacool sports bra, and Nike\'s leggings under the corset or armor.
All kits are delivered in a routine luggage bag and when the user is done they put the bags and dirty clothes at the front desk to pickup.
The cost per day is $10;
Throughout the rental period, Gaiam\'s 5mm yoga mat can be added for $3, and the RXBar\'s protein bar can be added for $3.
Between rentals, clothes are washed by a commercial laundry service and sneakers with UV shoe disinfectant SteriShoe.
Anything that helps us stay healthy on the road is an advantage, and the more people benefit the better.
When the team was founded in New York, it looked at Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago.
The convenient rental of sports equipment is not limited to the hotel or urban environment.
I recently wrote about the convenience of hotel delivery for skiing and snowboarding here, as well as a company to rent and ship ski and snowboard clothing.
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