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Even soccer star Brandi Chastan is showing off her sports bra and her beautiful body to celebrate the American Football League. S.
The victory of the women\'s football World Cup, a group of equally calm women in the pursuit of their own brilliant moments and iron ---
What Americans know most about is playing football.
The women\'s professional football league opened this fall.
Get ready for the Minnesota vs Michigan lakes.
Jennifer Del Cole, 18, said: \"I like to run people over . \" She played tailback in Vancouver\'s community boys team and was ready to give up college for WPFL.
Dercole, one of the 350 women who took part in the first tug-of-war, said that in the first few games she would definitely knock a few times on their tails.
\"I think I am the only one who has played football before.
\"Behind this push is promoter Carter Turner, who used to be a member of the Professional Indoor Football League (arena football)
The Minnesota Timberwolves professional basketball team.
Next month, he started his exhibition tour to show the first two teams of WPFL, and if all goes well, he plans to hold a full season next year with six franchises.
\"The timing of this alliance is ripe,\" he said, getting rid of the fact that at the bottom of the women\'s sport program, except for bow hunting and gunshots --loading.
Turner said he was looking for an athlete, not necessarily a football player.
\"We have some of the best fast food --
Softball, rugby, football and hockey players across the country.
\"The start-up costs of the WPFL, he said, include a $50,000 franchise fee and an annual membership fee of $15,000 for the payment of officials and insurance fees.
To reduce travel costs, the franchise will be transferred to each other within 12 hours, and owners and players will be paid through profit sharing.
The equipment was rented from the men\'s league.
American Football League
\"We will not go bankrupt,\" Turner said . \"
Certainly not at the price he paid the players.
The salary of the female jockey is still behind the salary of the male jockey;
Compared with the NBA\'s average salary of $2, the Women\'s Basketball Association\'s salary is about $62,000. 2 million. (
Poor guy, no wonder they went on strike. )
Turner said, \"We \'ve been telling women who are taking risks with us that we don\'t know if they\'re going to make a dime or a dollar. \"Yakety yak!
Give me back our name!
Remember Supreme? The Shirelles?
A lot of music lovers don\'t like it today, which means it takes cash to promote groups promoted in the form of charts
Top of 1950 s and 1960 s-
They are actually young Croats, and they may be called the \"posers \".
\"The old song band is still a draw, and even if no one in the original band is on stage, the savvy genius agent will make a lot of money.
\"These scammers make so much money on me that they should be included in Forbes magazine\"Soul Man)
Moore of Sam and Dave
One of the promoters, Larry massak, received $25 million along with various groups he called the \"drifters.
Deepak argued that the band\'s trademark was invalidated and was shot when his original band stopped touring in 1976. In July a U. S.
The district court judge did not agree and ordered shakak to hand over his profits to the rightful owner of the trademark, ferreene tredewell, the widow of the driver\'s manager.
The judge found that Treadwell\'s trademark was still valid because she had been receiving royalties for the past 20 years.
Deepak threatened to appeal, but James Flynn, a Treadwell lawyer, said the decision could prevent trademark violations.
Congress has also noticed this.
The representative of Dennis kusnić and Charlie Norwood supported the idea of truth of the late Sonny Bonoin-Rock Act.
Legal costs often exceed damages in band trademark disputes, so the act doubles damages.
HR1125 will also allow original performers who are not trademark holders to mention the marketing name of his old band.
The bill is expected to be passed in this House.
Meanwhile, the band is suing everyone from the curtain promoters to Dick Clark.
At least Treadwell no longer has to continue singing, \"My money is gone.
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