Top 10 Celebrity Coachella Looks

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-05
The Coachella Valley Music Festival is currently being held in California and, as always, there are many celebrities attending their festival.
Look here.
Check out some of the most iconic Instaposts!
Rihanna\'s eyes were on her because she was as bright as a diamond on the weekend.
She is wearing Gucci\'s cool Crystal tights.
I want to pull the hood up and put on some curtains. The -
The singer is dressed in various costumes.
Here are two of our favorite.
Denim shorts, black top and black topknee boots.
Simple and amazing.
Next, a jungle-patterned costume with killerknee boots. Love!
Queen Cochella Vanessa Hawkins is expected every year, but she is never disappointed.
She showed off a series of amazing outfits on Instagram.
Each one is better than the next.
As always, she looks super cold and charming at the same time, the weather she wears a big gold sequins crop top and olives-green shorts. . . . . .
Or a super cool oversized sweater with beige boots, hippie jewelry and amazing Chanel bags.
Please pay attention to fab sunglasses.
This year, the sports bra is definitely a popular trend, with countless different colors, shapes and sizes appearing on the festival.
Halsey matched neon pink hair with herpixie\'s hair and combined with nets tights, torn denim pants, black boots and sunglasses.
Emma Roberts looks super cute in a simple white lace dress, beige boots and oversized sunglasses.
Ashley Tisdale\'s double denim look like a 1970s dream.
She combines it with brown cowboy boots, yellow pilot sunglasses and beach wave hairstyles. The -
Star showed Coachella her excitement in a black crop top, sandals, hat and denim shorts. So easy to re-create!
Katy Perry looks good with palJeremy Scott.
Katie is wearing a skirt, a sports bra, a colorful coat and green framed sunglasses while showing off her new Elf cut.
Jeremy is wearing a super colored jacket and a cool hat and sunglasses.
Lottie Moss in adusk
Pink dress, sneakers and sunglasses with white frame.
She looks like a Hollywood siren. . .
Head to a mosh pit.
Finally, let everyone talk about the photos.
Selena Gomez posted a selfie of herself and her new boyfriend Abel Mark konen tesaka aka on Instagram.
She wore a Lily for 527 euros.
Printed silk-lined skirt with tie, absolutely cute.
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