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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
Bottoming shirts are a must-have item for basic styles throughout the year. Do you know how to match a bottoming shirt in autumn? If you wear a bottoming shirt well, you can create a fashionable look! clothing teaches you how to match bottoming shirts. Bottoming shirts are definitely a pragmatist's favorite work. It responds to the ever-changing fashion trends with long-lasting styles and colors. Solid colors and stripes are among the most basic and classic types of bottoming shirts. The fashionable long bottoming shirt is the most popular style this year. In this cold winter, as long as you go out with a coat, you can easily match it with a fashionable and versatile girl. It is versatile, practical and ladylike. It is definitely a must-have for winter. Single item. Online shopping for winter clothing, women's autumn and winter wear must have a high-neck bottoming shirt, which is very warm. The high-neck prevents the wind from entering and effectively protects our necks. At the same time, high-necked bottoming shirts look good with clothes. How can you be without it in autumn and winter? In this cold winter, you need a coat to keep warm when you go out, and you also need a high-necked bottoming shirt to match. Take off your coat to reveal a beautiful and generous bottoming shirt, and your carefully crafted taste will be greatly enhanced. A striped bottoming shirt with a contrasting striped bottoming shirt is fresh and beautiful. With jeans and high-heeled shoes, it is casual and trendy. The black and gray striped bottoming shirt is fashionable and versatile, with khaki casual pants, simple and elegant. A solid color bottoming shirt is paired with a brown knitted bottoming shirt and a gray short skirt, which is stylish and individual, and can also be perfectly matched with trousers. Light-colored bottoming shirts are equally versatile with black and other dark-colored skirts and trousers. Chiffon bottoming shirt with nude chiffon bottoming shirt, black casual pants and leopard print high heels, refreshing and neat. A light pink double-layer chiffon bottoming shirt, paired with jeans for a casual personality, if paired with a slim skirt, it shows a full femininity. The lace bottoming shirt is paired with a nude pink lace bottoming shirt and white tights. It is simple and refreshing. With a bright belt, it shows a more youthful taste. A white lace bottoming shirt and a brown short skirt bring out the elegance and sweetness of a woman. Do you know what color of bottoming shirts can be matched with the most beautiful effect? ​​We usually choose white, black and attractive fruit series colors. The two most basic colors, white and black, are also the most easily matched colors, so black is always a versatile color. The classic matching principle of black and white is to adopt the most conservative combination, which is versatile without going wrong. At the same time, the long black bottoming shirt, belt and skirt can form a good complementarity and set off well. Below we provide you with some specific methods on how to match black long bottoming shirts: 1. If you want to look like a dress that can give people a natural and generous feeling, it is recommended to choose gray! Gray collocation, black is very generous and foreign! In terms of style, you can choose woolen coats, casual short windbreakers, fleece coats, short coats, short leather jackets, etc. with black long bottoming shirts, all of them are OK! 2. A long windbreaker can also be used, and paired with leggings or Womens sports leggings and boots, it will also look good. 3. Wear a long black bottoming shirt with a small suit, and wear thin Womens sports leggings and high heels. You can also match it with red. After all, black and red are classic, and red is also good. If the long black bottoming shirt is leather or knitted, the red sportswear manufacturer should be shawl and woolen fir, and the bottoms will be directly matched with Womens sports leggings. If the bottom shirt is long enough, you can also choose stockings, shoes with wedge heels, and a delicate clutch bag. 4. It is recommended to look good with a dark or warm-toned short coat! Some people will say that any combination of black bottoming shirts looks vulgar, but it is not. This way of wearing it will look generous and harmonious. 5. If the black bottoming shirt is too long, wear a winter skirt + boots, or wear a long gray coat. There are also some other colors, such as gray, coffee, beige, dark blue, khaki, all are fine, because black is a very white color. The black bottoming shirt above is a classic round neck bottoming shirt this year, simple and versatile. Because of its simplicity, it is an excellent match for clothes. Whether you are wearing a t-shirt, shirt, or a skirt or jeans underneath, it is a good choice. It is an indispensable collocation for your autumn and winter. I believe that you will like it when you see it, and you can dress yourself in a simple, fashionable and generous manner without much effort. and can't go wrong. Think about it: It turns out that the black bottoming shirt is so reassuring. This black bottoming shirt is a basic turtleneck for fall and winter. The basic style is versatile, whether you like skirts or trousers, it can satisfy you, and the fabric is soft and breathable, making it one of your must-have items for autumn and winter warmth. Whether you are a girl in bloom, or you already have a ten-year-old daughter, you can easily match it. You can even wear a sister outfit with your daughter. It looks ladylike with a skirt.It looks young and lively with jeans. In short, as long as you like it, there is nothing wrong.
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