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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
[College Student Dressing and Matching] Many college students don't know much about dressing and matching when they first enter the life of college students. They are very confused about what route they should take and how to match their clothes. When you have nothing to do, you should go to Ingor to learn more about college students' dressing and matching skills. Their family has given a lot of good advice. College students should not only dress well, but also pay attention to dress etiquette. Today's college students have three levels of dressing, the first is harmony, then the beauty, and finally the personality. Let's explore the three levels one by one. (Group purchase of badminton clothing) It is a bit learned how college students wear and match to create a sense of beauty. Wearing beauty is to show your own advantages. The S-curve is the pride of every girl. Try to dress up to show your golden ratio body. Faced with finding a job in the later stage of college, you will show a mature beauty when you wear it a little. The shirt and suit, and the lower body with a professional skirt, make people shine. Harmony is the primary condition for dressing. It means that a person's dress is generous, well-coordinated, and in line with your age and body shape. A harmonious outfit will make you look youthful and energetic. The dress is very suitable. The waist of this dress is a retro high-waist design, and the collar is butterfly-shaped. The whole is full of retro charm. The sleeveless design can be matched with a knitted coat and canvas shoes. It really reflects the vitality of college students. with youth. (Ping-pong sportswear manufacturer) has been talking about girls' dressing and matching issues. In fact, boys also need advice. Boys mainly wear their personality, don’t be too exaggerated, usually shirts, casual T-shirts, jeans, sneakers, etc. They look youthful and energetic. For you who are still students, don’t dress too fashionably , which would appear out of place. Sneakers are the most versatile shoes for students. In fact, the skills of college students' dressing and matching are very practical. A person's usual dress is very important. Dressing neatly is a kind of respect for others. It's good for boys to wear simple and generous clothes, and avoid bells and whistles to make people look energetic and sunny. Women's dressing is to try to show their advantages and cover up their shortcomings. I hope these collocation coup can make college students get out of the confusion of dressing.
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