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by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-08-27
As for the skills of tall girls wearing sportswear manufacturer suits, the editor is here to say that many girls are afraid of being called female men and start to avoid wearing sportswear suits. In fact, it is not the case, as long as they are properly matched, even if they are wearing a boy's sportswear Suits will make you feminine too! The following editor will talk about three matching skills for tall girls to wear sportswear! Dark tight-fitting sweatpants can show off the shape of your legs, and paired with a dazzling all-white sports T-shirt. The sports T-shirt style is full of sports temperament, so that other people's eyes only focus on the upper body. The same color all over the body is also a good protective color. First, it will not emphasize the seat of the waistline, and secondly, the unity of the whole body will make people look slender. The sportswear suit has a high waist design, which makes you think your waistline is very high! A pair of sneakers makes you unique and looks like a youth model. If tall girls should avoid wearing bright colors, wild group clothes, wear a sportswear suit in a different color than the one below, which can help girls reduce their height and help define the waist of tall girls, many models of fashion dress Don't try it, as long as it's not too exaggerated. For tall girls, several classic matching styles that are more suitable for any body type are designed according to the color and style of the clothing. One is the slim fit style: cropped blazers that cover the waistline, high-waisted sweatpants, high-waisted dresses, long A-line skirts, mid-length jackets, and mid-length down jackets. In terms of color, dark, dark or neutral tones, try to stick to the brightest and darkest tones, in short, choose a more harmonious color matching. There is also a long sportswear suit. The advantage of this type of sportswear suit is that the waistline can be moved down. At the same time, tall girls are also very suitable for wearing dresses, which is especially suitable for tall girls who are not satisfied with their lower bodies. For tall and thin girls, wearing a loose-fitting sportswear suit style is the best option, so that tall girls don't look like telephone poles. The choice of color should conform to the conventional visual effects. According to the characteristics of the body, appropriate sportswear manufacturer suits should be matched. If you are a tall and thin girl, you should avoid wearing bamboo-like sportswear manufacturer suits, which gives the impression that Tall but not beautiful. If you are fat, then you need to be careful not to feel bloated in your clothes. In fact, fat tall girls are easy to cover up. Because of their height, try to wear long sportswear suits to cover the abdomen and buttocks. meaty. The above is the editor's matching skills for tall girls wearing sportswear suits. I hope it will help tall girls dress up, so that even if you wear sportswear, you will no longer be called a female man, but cute and cute. The girl next door fan! (Group purchase of sports clothing)
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