time to step away from world cup hysteria

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-20
I\'m done, so should you.
Put away vuvuzelas.
Don\'t worry about how much time is left for the extra time.
Don\'t tweet \"goooaaaaaaaallllll\" in cases where few people actually score \".
Don\'t talk to your colleagues.
The inner beauty of a zeronil tie.
Don\'t feel the need to cheer Uruguay on Friday\'s lunch break because Ghana has eliminated red, white and blue.
Forget that over the next four years you now know the difference between a yellow card and a red card.
Nevertheless, it is very free to continue hissing in front of the French.
It is time to announce the official end of the World Cup boom.
In fact, for the past period of time, who can really resist watching and see if the group of energetic losers can beat the powerful Ghanaians and play again another day.
They can\'t, for this ESPN people have to have a stroke.
They sold what happened in South Africa as a great theater with all their self-propaganda enthusiasm, and then got stuck in an ending.
Even the British dramaby-
The imported game team makes it sound like all prim and proper can\'t sugar-coat.
Americans may not know about football, but they do know about choking when they see it.
This is really a big bottleneck. The U. S.
Since the first World Cup 80 years ago, for the first time, there has been a clear path to the semi-finals, being eliminated by a small country that most Americans are hard to do for the second time in a row.
Press find on the map.
In a country where football is really important, it may cause extreme anxiety among the people.
England\'s ouster has put the country in a panic, Mexico has quickly fired its coach, and the Nigerian president is very upset that he has put the country\'s team on hold for two years of international competition. Here?
We shrugged our shoulders and went back to wondering where LeBron was going, or if Brett fafrey would put on the pads for the next year.
There is no long debate about whether Bob Bradley is the right candidate for American leadersS. team.
There is no doubt as to why the striker has not scored in the two World Cups.
Football enthusiasts who are crazy
Yes, there are some-
I will point out that nearly 15 million people have watched the ratings of some American films. S. -
The competition in Ghana proves that the sport has finally taken root here.
In fact, it\'s a solid number, though I guess it would get a similar number if ESPN put its promotional power behind a team of Americans who took part in the world basketball championship.
If further evidence is required, I can provide you with evidence of the Olympic hockey game.
When Canada and the United States, many Americans suddenly became fans. S.
Most of them can\'t tell you who won the Stanley Cup this year.
From the time the World Cup was held in the United States in 1994, we have seen it all. S.
The mascot is a cute dog named Stryker.
This game has been played by thousands of children all over the country, so FIFA believes it will give U. S.
The World Cup will give birth to a new generation of football enthusiasts from Texas to Maine.
It didn\'t happen, so they tried again at 1999 Women\'s World Cup.
Of the 90,000 screaming bartenders and their parents, I watched the zero-set of four teams there --
Number one, zero.
In the last two games of the Rose Bowl, the goal of regulation, now most people remember the day when Brady Chastan showed off her sports bra.
Those screaming girls are now grown up and have grown up from their brief flirting with the game.
The World Cup-spawned women\'s professional league has failed and the MLS are not doing better now, even if David Beckham sees a brief hysteria. Face it.
We are a country that loves football, not a country that loves football.
We prefer the sport of scoring, and when we play better than other countries, we prefer the sport.
So stop complaining about bad referees.
Don\'t try to figure out what the gold target means.
Don\'t have to look at the no relationship.
There is no need to stay up late to learn the Uruguay roster so you can impress your friends with your football knowledge.
Give the last sound to vuvuzela.
Then go back to more important things like figuring out where LeBron will end up.
Oh, don\'t worry about the French.
They gave up long ago.
Tim Dalberg is a national sports columnist for The Associated Press.
Write to him at tdahlberg (at)ap.
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