this woman absolutely is a wonder

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-13
If you know the hostess of this week\'s Rancho Mirage Mission Hills tennis tournament, you will recognize her effortlessly (1)
Block the bullet with her bracelet(2)
A forest fire was extinguished with a wave of his wrist; (3)
Ups and Downs 250
Smash the bad guys into the sea, or (4)
Clear the Empire State Building at the border.
It\'s not a bird. it\'s a plane--
It\'s not even one person. It\'s--
Together now! --
Wonder Woman, herself!
You all know 7-
Foot characters in red, white and blue stars-
People in mysterious costumesof-this-
The world protects the fabric so that she is not affected by collapsed buildings or thorns behind them that fight for peace and justice in this imperfect world.
She never kills anyone, she just reforms them by breaking every bone of their body and, if necessary, letting them see the mistake of the left chin.
You might want to treat Martina navaretilova as a wonder woman.
Someone else might expect Valerie Brisco.
Hook or Mary Lou reton
Even Nancy Lopez Knight or Margaret Thatcher. But in production
I believe that readers of several generations of comic world, Wonder Woman is the incision of this comic, bigger than life, faster than the sound, is a gorgeous combination of Joan of Arc, Amazon and Milo Venus.
The only difference between her and Superman is that she changed her clothes in the dressing room.
Like him, she can clean up the high-rise buildings in one place.
Like him, she can bend the steel, repel the army, correct the mistakes, and enforce the rights.
Like him, she comes from a place of time and space, making her eternal, beautiful and fearless.
She is the fantasy of every man and the role model of every girl.
There are already six supermen, a group of talzan, but there is only one Wonder Woman.
Linda Carter looks like she walked down from the drawing board or out of the Strip page.
You can imagine that Miss Liberty\'s model might be like this: nearly 6 feet tall, long and delicate legs, big blue eyes and a perfect nose.
The casting director must have been upside down.
She is not born. she is born.
Since Gabo played Red Butler or Garbo played Camille, there has been no more perfect wedding for actors and characters.
Lynda revealed that Wonder Woman herself is not just coming out of ink bottles.
She is a product that a female psychologist has carefully imagined. she believes that women should have the same fantasy role model as men in Superman, and fantasize about her fairy tale heroine\'s book in her 30 s during the golden age of comedy.
\"She wants someone who is strong and beautiful but can still be feminine,\" Carter said . \".
This spec fits Linda Carter, but when she was a girl who grew up in Arizona, she didn\'t imagine herself working on a steel bra and red, white, and blue tights.
She sees herself more as a type of Doris Day with a romantic interest in a song.
But as a female student, she herself is a bit strange, starring in track in a different and demanding event like 100
Yard sprints and miles are twice as unlikely for most athletes of any gender.
\"I have these long legs and I can run almost any distance, not tired,\" she explained . \".
She also has this red one.
Soon attracted the sponsors of the Miss World pageant, who won not only miss Arizona, but also miss America.
She\'s a runner.
Stand out in the final in London.
Some viewers think Linda should not be Miss World, but Miss World. of-This-World.
That\'s what she hopes to be a singer in a movie, and her role in drama takes her to Hollywood.
Desperate, she\'s a cow.
One day, I called the audition for Wonder Woman.
The legendary actor director glanced at her and told his assistant, \"she has the character if she can talk.
\"Linda Carter\'s feeling is that her early training and background as an athlete made her a natural part of the character.
\"My father, Colby Carter, is a swimmer and footballer in Illinois,\" she said . \".
\"My mom is currently on the TV show at Jack LaLanne for a couple of hours, and my brother is wrest hands and swimmers.
\"For those who think the real Wonder Woman comes with a tennis racket or a high bar, or can break 68 in an Open golf tournament, Hollywood Wonder Woman disagrees with that.
\"The show is a decathlon that starts at 5 every morning,\" she said . \"
Making movies for TV is a weekly marathon.
\"There is little time to play tennis,\" admits Lynda . \".
Even after the Wonder Woman ran out of her life
Great opportunity for Linda Carter to continue her career, can she get the time she wants in court?
But it was her extreme admiration for the tennis world female star that convinced her to urge Maybelline Cosmetics, a fashion and new product consultant for the company that sponsored the women\'s tennis tournament.
Linda Carter for $250,000.
The result of the Maybelline tennis challenge is that the 8 th annual competition will be held this weekend at Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, By Martina navaretilova and
Navratilova is the real Wonder Woman for this wonder woman who really removed the action from the cartoon page and put it in prime time and
\"Wonder Woman can stop trains and skyscrapers-
But her backhand is terrible.
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