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[This winter is a bit cold] Lingerie factory teaches you how to wash women's underwear

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-25
It's winter again, and laundry has become a problem for many people. Women's underwear, as MM's close-fitting clothing, often needs to be changed and washed, because the dirt on the women's underwear will affect the fabric and have a great impact on the comfort of wearing. How to wash the women's underwear? Ingorsports, a manufacturer specializing in seamless underwear for 17 years, teaches you to pay attention to these points when washing and drying women's underwear.

In fact, we know that women's underwear is mostly made of soft and slender materials as MM's close-fitting clothing, so first of all remind MM not to pull too hard when wearing or taking off women's underwear, especially seamless underwear because it is directly It is made of yarn into finished clothes, so MM should also be careful not to scratch the veil with nails during the wearing process, and do not dye some commonly used lipsticks, foundations, etc. on women's underwear.

Then in the process of washing women's underwear, do not apply washing powder/agent directly on the underwear. We often see that some customers report that the women's underwear has faded or discolored after washing. In fact, the user is in the process of washing women's underwear. It is caused by uneven rubbing of underwear directly with washing powder/agent. Ingorsports underwear factory recommends that when washing women's underwear, the lotion can be poured into warm water first, and after the lotion is dissolved in the water, the women's underwear can be gently scrubbed.

It should not take too long to wash women's underwear with a washing machine, two or three minutes is enough. At the same time, it should not be mixed and soaked with darker clothes to avoid discoloration or staining of women's underwear due to mixed washing. Attention should also be paid to the cleaning process of women's underwear of different materials. For example, silk women's underwear should be preferably washed with a neutral lotion, hand-washed, and dried with a towel, because this type of clothing is easily damaged by sunlight and wrinkled. .

One more point, white or light colored women's underwear should be washed separately from dark women's underwear. It is recommended to wash the white women's underwear first, then the light-colored women's underwear, and finally the darker ones. This avoids staining of white or light colors as much as possible. There is also a little trick to pay attention to is that when we clean women's underwear, we should wash the less dirt first, and the more dirt after washing as a principle.

Nowadays, it is also popular that some women's underwear adopts a zipper-type structure on the chest or back. Then when we wash such women's underwear, we should zip up the zipper. The process of washing by hand should not be too hard, and we can use the 'pressure washing method' or 'rubbing washing method' to wash.

When using a dry cleaning machine to wash women's underwear, the general control time is 30 seconds. After washing, wrap it in a towel and squeeze it with your hands to absorb the water, so as to avoid wrinkling of women's underwear and damage to the material of the clothing as much as possible.

Small women's underwear washing turns out to have so much knowledge. I also hope that ingorsports' sharing today is helpful to you! Welcome to continue to pay attention to the news of ingorsports underwear factory! QQ: 2083574942

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