this smart sports bra tracks your heart-rate, running route, breathing, and calories burned

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-23
Your fitness when Fitbits are annoying-
The Apped iPhone keeps falling off the stand, but you\'re still a little obsessed with tracking every single health of your body
This sports bra is probably the answer.
Wearable technology has just released their latest product, which is really incredible.
OMbra is the first intelligent sports bra.
You wear it, and a lightweight, removable display can track almost every part of your workout.
This means it can monitor your heart rate, breathing speed, steps and time, calories burned, and how much effort you put in.
It will then send that information to an app on your phone that will put you on track to achieve your goals by showing you all sorts of funky data.
This app will tell you when you will overwork, when you need a break, and when you will work harder.
It will tell you whether it should be easier or harder to exercise today.
It will also let you know how well you are doing compared to others in your age group because of this competitive advantage.
It works as a location tracker so you can record your running route.
It\'s basically a personal trainer in the form of apps and bras to get the most support.
Because of your motivation. Magical.
Of course, it\'s expensive, 150 (£102).
But when you compare it to all the other gym items we bought, we hope that having the fitness equipment that looks good will make us really start running, and it seems worth it.
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