these will be the most popular swimsuit trends of 2019

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-23
Considering that we are just out of winter, it may not be the most traditional time of the year to buy swimwear, but for those who are on a tropical holiday or just dreaming of warmer days to come, welcome to the future.
Don\'t wait until the summer to start immersing ourselves in the newly released swimsuit trend, we decided to solve the problem ourselves and contact some of the top names in the swimwear field to introduce which swimwear trends are most popular.
Thanks to experts working on swimwear brands such as entities and stripes, peony, Marcia and anemone, we can now mentally prepare for the storm of beautiful bikini and a bikini --
Debris ahead.
According to their predictions, it looks like it\'s the year you should eventually accept all this warmth
The weather holiday you \'ve always dreamed of, as the trend of this swimsuit deserves plenty of photos and walks on the beach.
In the future, find out the trend that these swimwear experts say will rule 2019.
Between embroidery, fresh new color and leopard print, there is no need to choose the favorite --
They are all good.
\"Yellow is the main color trend in spring.
It looks great (or without)a tan.
We want to create a more flattering honey tone for a wider range of skin tones. \" —
Lauren alapucci from Anemone Co-
FounderAnemone steel ring bikini ($145)
Complete set: Sea sunflower bikini with high waist pants ($125)
The lonely Greta swimsuit sweater ($167)
\"Most notably, we saw a trend in 2018, with 2019 being a sustainable swimsuit.
More swimming brands are introduced in a completely sustainable and ethical way than ever before.
Peony\'s recent shift to sustainable development and the introduction of sustainable development and Oeko text standard 100 stems from our true love for the environment.
We expect the \"trend\" of sustainable development to be the norm in the coming years. \" —
Rebecca Morton, founder and director of peony
Bikini top (print)$80)
Complete package: Peony holiday flower-Print Briefs ($75)
Lacausa scoop back one piece ($160)
\"After seeing the leopard (
Fingerprints of other animals)
On the runway for several seasons, it is clear that animal prints are seasonal trends across categories.
According to your level of commitment, try cutting with printed leopard pieces and with solid stand-alone pieces.
If you\'re going diving, find a leopard.
Prepare for praise. \" —
Joshua Shaw, anemone United
Top of the new triangle bikini ($140)
Complete set: sea anemone Skimpy bikini ($125)
Label Maya swimsuit leopard ($80)
\"To simplify the resort costume, I designed a bikini top and post box to wear under the skirt and pants.
Clothes separated from my spring series can be easily removed from the cover
Cocktails with suitable accessories. ” —
Marie xi ya in more bran Scarborough in Reeve
Bikini top in front ($170)
Joanna Ortiz Anastacia ballet ruffles cutOut Swimsuit ($695)
\"I see the trend of \'post 90\' stay strong but evolve to \'post 90\'does-
To a large extent 70 years old.
This can be seen in the sweet peasant silhouette, the tankini moment of movement and the vintage textured swimsuit. \" —
Emilia department report, top of solid and striped design DirectorSolid & striped Christie ($79)
Complete set: solid stripe at the bottom of Christie\'s ($79)
\"2019 is about retro --
Inspired print and underwear swimsuit style;
Remodeling underwear
Inspired beach costumes.
The delicate decoration of embroidery and the frivolous floral pattern will enhance the grade of traditional swimwear. \" —
Cassie Coane, director of solid and striped marketing solid and striped Scarlet red ($178)
\"Throughout the holiday season, we \'ve seen the details of knotting become more and more popular, a style that we expect the momentum to last up to 2019.
Adding knotted details to bikini tops and shorts makes a difference, but it also adds the functionality of the silhouette.
Shoulder-tied or knotted bikini trunks allow the wearer to customize their figure, and since each body is unique, we feel that it is a functional design for longevity. \" —
Rebecca Morton, founder and director of peonyDot bikini top ($75)
Complete set: PeonyPolka-
Bikini underwear ($75)
Ganni Jewett Plaid sexy bikini ($205)
\"To provide additional sun protection, I have designed new rashguard and hat for women and children. \" —
Marisa Dobrzanska Rives, master Marisa FounderMarysia, Rashguard ($297)
Matteau Sun Tee printed the cropped rash guard ($240)
Embroidery adds personality and interesting elements to any style, especially in swimming.
We want to add this fun element to our swim collection-the bonus is the pop color it adds to the set.
All flower, solid and leopard
Print pieces to mix and match. \" —
Lauren alapucci from Anemone Co-
A swimsuit embroidered by FounderAnemone ($295)
The same grip ($205)
Complete settings: same as everything at the bottom ($165)\"The high-
There has been a few seasons in the cutting trend and there seems to be no progress. High-
The cutting style is designed to grow and lengthen, and looks great in almost all body shapes. Pairing high-
The wide-belt cut bikini shorts also add flattering decor to the waist.
Hi Cut pants by our pool is one of our best
We will continue to sell styles and cuts in 2019. \" —
Rebecca Morton peony founder DirectorPeony striped jacquard
Knitted bikini underwear ($75)
Full set: Peony striped flower cloth-
Knitted bikini top ($74)
At the end of Bamba Elle ($79)
Complete set: BambaBella bra ($79)
\"In the upcoming 2019 series, we see a significant push for the band style.
While reminiscent of the golden years of 60 and 70 years old, the bottom of the belt or the bottom of the belt
The work can create shapes through the midline, or it can be used as a focus to enhance and enhance the original simple work.
A padded bikini bottom, such as a peony bath hi-pants, can also be cut off from the ocean with a flowing shirt and a straw basket. \" —
Rebecca Morton peony founder DirectorPeony lace-up Jacquard
Knitted bikini underwear ($100)
Complete set: Peony Flower cloth-
Bikini top knitted underwear ($90)
Snake safari-
Bikini printed belt ($405)
\"You will see luxurious metallic textures and shine, which gives you a delicate sexy look and celebrate your time in the sun and on the beach. \"—
Designer Lisa Marie Fernandez Poppy bronze pleated bikini ($345)
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Bronze metal gauze cages by Lisa Marie Fernandez ($195)
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