These 4 ways for underwear manufacturers to discover potential customers are worth investigating

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-29
The competition in the underwear processing industry is so fierce now that many underwear manufacturers feel that it is difficult to do business, and it is even more difficult to develop customers. Because the underwear processing industry belongs to a very traditional processing and manufacturing industry, it is a no-brainer to find potential customers. If there are ways for underwear manufacturers to find these potential customers? Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless underwear for 17 years, teaching you 4 ways to find customers well.

1. The first way is to find new customers from the original customer resources.

Generally speaking, underwear manufacturers who have accumulated for many years will have their own customer groups, target groups, quality, prices, etc. However, there are also many customers who did not make a deal for a while, or once cooperated, but then did not cooperate for various reasons. Such customers are actually the precious wealth of underwear manufacturers. If there are suitable products, coupled with the underwear manufacturer's sales staff's understanding of their own customers, it is easy to promote customer transactions and develop new potential customers.

2. Approach 2, let customers introduce their friends to join.

This method is generally used in the underwear processing industry, but it is not particularly long-term, because after all, 'peers are enemiesHe is engaged in the underwear trade, and the underwear manufacturer has good service. He may also introduce his relatives and friends to you. At this time, the probability of a deal is higher. But the premise is that the sales staff of underwear manufacturers, the whole factory's service cooperation ability is very good, and they are highly recognized by customers.

3. Approach 3, let peer underwear manufacturers introduce customers.

This may seem impossible, but in fact, in today's Internet age, underwear manufacturers in the same industry are both competitive and cooperative. This is especially true among some mature and powerful underwear manufacturers. For example, ingorsports has focused on the production and processing of seamless underwear in 17 years. It is very professional in seamless underwear, so we are good at some traditional seamed underwear. However, many customers may have cooperated with us to process seamless underwear in the early stage, but may need some seamed underwear in the future, then if you happen to be a seamed underwear manufacturer, we can form a cooperation, which can be counted as a different industry. Union.

4. Approach 4, to understand competitors' customers through research.

This approach is currently used by many underwear manufacturers' sales staff. Although it is not particularly authentic, it is the fastest way for underwear manufacturers to develop customers. Of course, they need to dig customers from other underwear manufacturers. In addition to the needs of their own underwear manufacturers' sales staff In addition to certain business skills, the most important thing is the service of underwear manufacturers, and the price should be more characteristic in order to really attract customers.

In today's fierce competition in the underwear processing industry, it is really not easy to develop customers, so maintaining customers is also a key consideration for underwear manufacturers. Today, when business is difficult, underwear manufacturers should pay attention to developing together with customers. For long-term cooperation, some potential customers order, underwear manufacturers can prefer to make less money in the early stage, and develop together with long-term contracts in the later stage.

Of course, it is very necessary to develop new customers on the basis of keeping the existing customers of underwear manufacturers. Efforts to improve the competitiveness of underwear manufacturers, multi-channel, multi-way contact and understanding of customers, I believe it is not particularly difficult to develop customers.

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