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the winerack - sports bra that holds wine

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-23
A bra that can hold wine. Have you ever heard of WineRack? This is a unique bra that holds 25 ounces of your favorite drink
You can drink wine, beer or water if you want.
It is equipped with a long drinking tube with a valve that is easy to control the flow of drinks.
This WineBra is very interesting and popular with college girls because they can go to bars and clubs wearing it and secretly drink a cup in a bra, saving a lot of money --
It\'s like having a flask drink rack!
It seems like a perfect sneaky way to sneak a drink.
The WineRack bra is similar to the Beerbelly stand and I will discuss it below as well. Credit: Amazon.
How does the WineRack bra work? The Poly thane bladder is located inside the bra and it contains a drinking tube that you can plug in your pocket or in your shirt.
The bra is perfectly machine washable, but the bladder has to be hand washedwashed.
This winerack bra should also be quiet and unobtrusive.
You should be able to put it on and use it without anyone noticing it.
How much alcohol or drink can you pack with a WineRack bra, and you can pack 25 ounces of your favorite drink.
A customer at Amazon said they could fill up a whole bottle of wine.
Can I use this flask drink holder with WineRack bra?
Drinking at work or at a club is a perfect sneaky way! -
You can use it for Halloween with your costume and impress your friends! -
As a joke, you can buy it for a friend\'s birthday. -
It can make your breasts look bigger (
But they get smaller when you drink! ). -
You can sneak your favorite drink into a movie theater or sporting event, saving a lot of money on drinks.
WineRack 200-
008 amazon Wine Rack Price: $29. 95 $29.
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