the underwear mistakes we\'re all making

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-03
We all know that wearing the right bra is a must, even if going to wear a bra is one of the \"one day\" tasks you will never be able to complete.
But experts say wearing a bra with the wrong shape and size is not the only crime many of us have committed in underwear.
From relying on the same or two trustworthy bras to over-worrying about VPL, there are a variety of minefield areas.
Nicki Hall, senior designer at Royce, pointed out that it is not good to wear a bra every few years, because the breast changes its size due to hormonal changes, weight gain or decrease or physical change due to exercise.
\"We forgot how much our chest changed and should go to the professional installation often,\" she said . \".
Sharon Bell, design director at Ultimo, agrees: \"We recommend you change your bra every six months . \".
\"Different solutions have different bras.
\"Many women don\'t think about what bras are for, or what they will wear,\" explains Nick Hall . \".
\"For example, a tight bra is not suitable for fast jogging.
Buying a bra shouldn\'t be a rush job.
You need to take the time to try out several styles that fit your body shape.
\"Think about how long it took you to find the right pair of jeans.
If the bra fits, then you should forget you wore it.
\"Women think they have to wear a wired bra in order to get a good figure and support,\" Nicki said . \".
\"This is a common mistake as a wire --
The free bra can provide as much support and is very comfortable to make you look great as well. \"Wire-
The free bra can also be cleaned easily by machine.
Emily Bendel, founder of Bluebella, said: \"We have all committed the sin of throwing bras with other clothes from time to time, but this is a big taboono.
\"Ideally we want to wash our hands with underwear.
It is important to wash with underwear that it has ingredients that help your fabric and strap bounce in place.
It\'s good for anything like your tights, swimming and socks.
\"However, I am a realist and I know people are busy with their lives.
So if you have to put your underwear in the washing machine, a lot of new machines have a wash cycle or subtle cycle.
You can put your bra in the laundry bag.
Nicki Hall added: \"Don\'t wash at too high temperatures, because it tends to make the white bra Gray.
40 degrees.
\"Whatever style, reshape your bra while keeping it wet,\" says Nicki . \". \"Foam cup T-
Shirt bras should be stacked together to keep them in shape.
\"You need to make sure you have a variety of styles that suit different outfits and occasions.
You may need a few different cup sizes to consider hormonal changes throughout the month.
Nikki Hall recommends several daily wired and wired-
Free Bra in black, white and skin.
This choice should include a T-
The shirt bra is perfect for sports bras that give you a smooth silhouette, gym or yoga or any sport of your choice, shoulder-less bras for skimpy party outfits and \"your sexy Saturday night bra\"
\"Who can resist beautiful lace or gorgeous embroidery? \" Nicky says.
\"Most of us have far more than we need.
\"But if, due to a shortage of funds, struggling with which color to choose, then choose the skin color option, as this will apply to clothing of any color.
\"I think women are too worried about VPL right now,\" Sarah Shorton, creative director of Agent Provocateur, told what to wear.
\"I really think that sometimes it\'s really sexy to wear knickers where you can see it.
\"However, if it feels too bold, you need to spend the same amount of time and consideration finding the right pair of pants, just like finding the ideal bra.
\"Women don\'t always think about their own shapes,\" says Sharon Bell, design director at Ultimo . \".
\"Like all the clothes, not all the silhouettes fit all the body types, so it\'s important to try different styles to see what works best for your own figure.
\"Just like a bra, knicker sizes can vary depending on the brand, and depending on the shape, you may need to adjust the size up and down.
Sharon said: \"I think the key is to wear the right size and style that fits the shape of your body, and if you do that, it will inevitably reduce any unwanted lines.
\"If you\'re wearing a tight-fitting dress, it\'s better to find something with smooth flat seams and finishes.
Jessica Preble, founder of the Fuller bust lingerie brand Tutti Rouge, said: \"Ideally, the number of times a bra should be worn before washing should be only once . \".
\"Treat your bra like any other underwear.
\"The bra should be replaced every six months to one year, and the frequency of pants replacement is higher.
\"Depending on how often you wear your underwear, we recommend adding it every three to six months,\" Sharon suggested . \".
Sarah Shorton of Provoc said it should also be as appropriate as other bras.
\"It\'s really important.
If you are doing cardio or running, you need to be tied to your body;
\"Running is hard for the body,\" she said . \".
\"I tend to wear two pieces: a sports bra with a support vest on the top.
Emily Bendel, founder of Bluebella, said most people tighten the straps on their bras to make it feel more supportive.
Actually, the band does all the work.
\"The band\'s support rating really hit 90,\" she said . \".
\"It\'s important that the band, not the band, is very strong.
\"There are five key checks for perfect bra fit: 1. Underband -
Should be parallel to the floor and safe enough that only two fingers can be placed under elastic 2. Centre front -
Should sit perfectly flat on the chest. Side wire -
This should be flat on the ribs and never dug into the breast tissue 4. Cup capacity -
The breast should sit completely in the Cup without overflow. Straps -
These should be adjusted and just need to put two fingers together which will put the right pressure on your shoulders.
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