The underwear factory revealed that the real reason why these 3 kinds of women's underwear should not be worn is...

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2022-05-29
Women's underwear, because women's underwear is in direct and intimate contact with MM's body, it is also directly related to MM's physical and mental health. Ingorsports has been a manufacturer of seamless knitted underwear for 17 years. Of course, it also produces and processes seamless knitted women's underwear. For MM's selection of women's underwear, it is recommended not to wear these three types.

1. Women's panties that are too tight should not be worn.

Many women, especially those who have given birth to children, have a deformed body. In order to shape their lower body and maintain a beautiful appearance, many women choose some panties that are too tight and too small to 'wrap' their bodies. In fact, this is harmful to the body and mind. According to medical reports, because of the special physiological structure of women, women's underwear that is too small and too tight can easily cause infection of the urinary system or reproductive system.

2. Women's panties that are too dark or fancy should not be worn.

Ladies panties that are too dark or fancy are mostly dyed by underwear factories through multiple processes. Many underwear factories use some heavy metal chemical dyes in order to maintain the bright color of women's underwear in the production and processing of underwear. The 17-year underwear factory reminds you that women's underwear carefully chooses the color underwear. The article also talks about its harm to the human body in detail.

Another reason is because MM often suffers from vaginitis, reproductive system tumors and other diseases, the leucorrhea will become cloudy, even red, yellow, etc. If you wear women's underwear that is too dark or too fancy , these disease signals should not be detected in time, which may bring more harm.

3. Chemical fiber women's underwear should not be worn.

The chemical fiber women's underwear mentioned here mainly refers to some hygroscopic and poor breathability. As intimate clothing, women's underwear also plays a role in protecting the privacy of MM to a certain extent. It is very important to maintain privacy for moisture absorption and ventilation. Because the special physiological structure of MM's private parts is warm and humid, it is easy to cause the growth and reproduction of bacteria and thus affect the health of MM.

Therefore, here, Guangzhou underwear factory also specially provides you, when MM chooses women's underwear, try to start from their own reality as much as possible, choose the kind of women's underwear that fits well, and the color of women's underwear can be white Or skin color-based, pure cotton underwear for women is better.

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