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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-05-16
The spring of 2022 has come, and it is time to choose spring underwear

The spring of 2022 is coming earlier than ever, and today we officially announce the arrival of spring. According to the standard of entering spring in the meteorological sense, if the daily average temperature for 5 consecutive days is more than 10 degrees Celsius and there will be no more consecutive 5 consecutive days of daily average temperature below 10 degrees Celsius in the later period, then it can be regarded as spring.

Although we have already entered the spring in meteorology, we should not be careless in the choice of clothes. It is urgent to choose a spring underwear suitable for the current temperature. Because spring is a season of messy dressing. The cold and warm weather in spring is mainly due to the warm and humid air flow eager to play, but the cold air is unwilling to give up. The temperature soaring above 20 degrees Celsius makes you feel like summer, and suddenly there is a quick freezing at night, which catches you off guard. You have to wear cotton coats or even down jackets if you don’t want to wear them. At this time, all you can do is to calm down and watch the performance of Chun girl quietly.
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