the sports bra quest

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-12-31
Hailey Eber of Hailsstree
Find the right sports bra to reach the fabulous proportions-
Need \"Oprah\" specials, credit card debt and advice from long-lost friends . . . . . . Or the world will convince you.
I usually like some of the cheap numbers that Target offers, and in this rare case, Target is medium in size and has no neon green.
But, as I said in my previous post, I \'ve been looking for the downsides of Target products for longer and longer . . . . . . Wrong, I mean not just a little bit of irritation.
Let\'s say that I would feel embarrassed if someone saw the consequences, lest they imagine me patronizing pimps and/or doing current jobs that make a lot more money than I do every night.
For rectification this year, I went to my favorite local run store earlier this week to find some sales people --ly guidance.
Alas, the only lady I saw was behind the checkout counter, a group of men in yellow shirts wandering around the floor.
I went to the sports bra area alone.
Of course, there is a page in O magazine that promotes the miracle of one of the models.
We should say, \"architecture. ” I’m not flat-
But I suspect I need less support than Oprah.
I also despise the bumps that some strong sports bra will produce.
A bunch of numbers marked \"seamless\" caught my attention.
I\'m in my size and black (
Simple, classic, everything can be)
Towards a female employee. to-lady talk.
Alas, she is helping another customer.
\"Madam, is there anything I can do for you?
A lively male colleague
Asked the worker next to her.
\"In fact, I just had a problem with a sports bra,\" I said . \".
\"Oh, he knows a lot about sports bras,\" the saleswoman looked up from her interaction with another customer and said seriously.
I imagine their extensive running training.
Obviously, it\'s not just limited
In-depth discussion of neutral.
Support sneakers and watch over-charming videos
The speaker on the treadmill.
There is also a special speech on women\'s underwear.
OK, I think I will talk to this young man about sports bra.
It may be interesting, unfortunately.
\"Are these bras the best ones to solve the friction problem?
\"I asked to start with a comfortable cold breaker for us.
\"Well, these are all very good,\" he said . \" He tried to be professional, but he was still very embarrassed.
\"What really matters is support, and you want to try it out and see if the support is good.
I feel that \"support\" has always been a key principle in sports bra training.
In the few minutes of the dressing room, a model did provide more \"support \"---
Or at least tighter.
I still need girls to talk so I went back to the checkout counter but didn\'t have it until I met my male sports bra mental guide. “How were they?
Do they feel support? ” he asked.
\"Yes, yes,\" I quickly assured the saleswoman when I lined up from her.
\"Hey,\" I said to her, forcing her to calm down, girl --to-
The girl is intimate, as if this whole conversation could happen in the universe, discussing favorite \"Sex and City\" episodes while licking brownie batter bowls.
\"What do you think of these sports bras?
Are they the best choice to solve the friction problem?
\"Yes, I do,\" she said . \".
\"That one is tighter and really puts you in the right place, but sometimes I like to throw it on socono\'s fast.
\"She looks smart, and the salesperson actually used the sports bra directly.
She is the girl at the sleeping party and has bypassed the third base to report to the virgin friend on the forward line.
\"Are they not angry? ”“Not much.
Are you using BodyGlide?
Rubbing some under your bra is helpful.
I looked up blankly.
I\'m not using BodyGlide.
I don\'t have a lot of friction issues other than this, so I\'m not easily lubricated.
I don\'t even have a body to slide.
All of a sudden, I felt like there was an outstanding figure in junior high school who wasn\'t told what was going to happen when her menstruation came, when all her peers filled their backpacks with Kotex wings, when preparing for the upcoming woman.
I realize that I may know more about the nipples problems of men while running-and have the image of a man running a half marathon, his shirt was forever engraved with two red lines-more than I did talk about the limitations of the sports bra and the need for lubrication in the long run.
Why do I know men play bands?
They have aids on their breasts, but not this?
Is this another sad sign that we, as a society, fail to understand and openly discuss the problems facing women?
Or, what happens when you rely on your brother and/or male personal trainer to guide the run?
Do I really need that book specifically for female runners? I have been receiving spam from the runner world.
In addition to my newly selected sports bra, I pushed a body sliding stick on the checkout counter.
Then I went home, and finally I was pressed down by those emails.
My complete collection of women\'s running is about to be published.
Summary mileage record for training week 4: 26.
5 mile long run: 14 mile long run fuel: Swedish fish and acid patch children . . . . . . Inspired by runner world Email
Food for Operation recovery: Mango-
Banana smoothies, add as many sweet vanilla bean protein drinks as possible without making me sick to buy new equipment: rich mine week.
In addition to the chest sling and body taxiing mentioned earlier, after my loyalty to Asics was smashed by a pair of shoes, I also brought home a new pair of water field wave rider shoes, less than 3 months later, not just exhausted.
Compared to my previous spare product Asics Cumulus, Mizunos is lighter in weight and less in buffer.
I must admit that they are also a very stunning solid color, not the standard white with some emphasis on color.
More information from Blisstree.
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