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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-29
[How to deal with mildew in leather sportswear] Leather sportswear has always been a popular clothing, but the cleaning of leather sportswear is very difficult, especially the treatment of such problems as what to do with mildew. These common problems in life let us use the tips in life to solve them. In daily life, the environmental conditions that cause mildew in leather sportswear are: long-term exposure to humidity, animal body dirt and temperature suitable for mold growth and development. This environment is not easy to control, so there is the problem of what to do if the leather sportswear manufacturer is moldy. The following will introduce two solutions for you. Use a brush and a clean cloth to wipe the moldy part clean, then wipe it evenly with a little oil (skin is uncomfortable). Before wiping, try wiping on a less obvious part of the leather sportswear. If oil penetration or discoloration occurs, Stop using it immediately when the original color cannot be restored. After wiping, hang it on a hanger in a cool and ventilated place for about 24 hours, and then clean the surface with a clean cloth. Wipe off the remaining skin oil. You can first use a brush to remove the floating dust, then use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to wipe off the mold, or wipe it with light alkaline water, then wipe it with a dry towel, dry it in a cool and ventilated place, and then apply sportswear manufacturer oil. For leather sportswear that has been stored for a long time, you can first wipe it with a towel dipped in 4% high-grade soap solution, then dipped in water to wipe off the soap solution until it is clean, and finally dry it. In daily life, leather products should be stored in a dry environment, and must be thoroughly cleaned before collection. The most effective method is vacuum insulation. In this way, there will be no such similar problems as the mildew of leather sportswear. The above is the solution to mildew that Xiaobian shared for you. I believe that most of the problems have been solved. If you have a better solution, please share it with us! (table tennis sportswear)
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