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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-14
As a style of clothing, sportswear has a pivotal position in the clothing industry. For hundreds of years, sportswear manufacturer clothing has also played an important role. Comfort and adaptability are a major feature of sportswear. The role of sportswear manufacturer: As long as each product has its own characteristics and can be fully functional when placed in the right position, the manufacturer of sportswear must measure the whole system from a macro perspective, from yarn to retailer. It is necessary to cooperate with each other and master the four elements of the basic function of sportswear in order to maximize the benefits. 1. Protection function: windproof, waterproof, bad weather. 2. Moisture and breathability: ensure that the heat emitted by the human body can be discharged to the body through the fabric. 3. Insulation function: keep warm. 4. Elastic function: provide the needs of athletes to run and jump"Clothingphysiology"It is a description of functional sportswear and casual clothes. It is a philosophy of interaction between the human body and clothes. It presents the characteristics of comfort, health and high performance in the human body. To make it concrete, it is necessary to fully understand the parameters and integration skills of fiber, spinning and weaving, fabric density, thickness, weight, color, and garment. (Group sportswear customization) The development history of sportswear: the ancients wore more daily clothes during sports. Modern sportswear appeared in the mid-19th century. At that time, European sports gradually became popular, so there were clothing designed for sports such as hunting and golf. In the 1890s, European women also began to engage in tennis, cycling, swimming and other sports, so tennis clothes and sailor shirts with horizontal stripes became popular. After the 20th century, the variety of sportswear continued to increase and quickly spread all over the world. Chinese athletes have been wearing sportswear since the 1911 National Games. Modern sportswear manufacturer is not only worn by athletes, but also becomes a lightweight clothing for people to exercise and travel outdoors.
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