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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-08-30
From the early days of sportswear and sneakers designed and produced purely for competition, to the current fusion of fashionable sportswear. In recent years, the total market sales of sportswear and sports shoes in China has maintained a nearly double-digit growth rate. At the same time, sports wearable devices have gradually emerged and upgraded from the collection of sports data and health data. At the 2018 Guangdong Sports Expo to be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Center from September 14th to 16th, I participated in the design of a number of college and enterprise sports team clothing.“ ”In the physical education industry exhibition area, the richness of the current market will be presented, and high-quality domestic brands will be promoted while taking into account international brands. Guangzhou Booth No.: 3T52 Founded in 2009, Guangzhou with the ingor brand is one of the companies that has entered the sports fashion exhibition area of ​​the 2018 Guangdong Sports Expo. As a local sportswear brand that has served Peking University Tsinghua University Games, PetroChina Engineering Design Company Events, Dongfeng Motor Fun Games, Wuhan Faculty and Staff Fun Games and other events, not only has Guangzhou R&D Center, but also European and Korean R&D centers. It seems that the opening day can be a feast for the eyes. With the increasing tendency of consumers to exercise and the popularization of national fitness, schools and parents are paying more and more attention to the physical fitness of children, and youth sports are naturally becoming more and more important; and more and more people are interested in running, yoga clothes for women and other fitness. Projects spark interest and resolve to build habits. This will bring strong growth to the sportswear manufacturer and equipment industries. You can find that many well-known sports apparel brands and domestic sports brands have entered the Chinese market, which makes the brand diversity unprecedentedly rich. Therefore, various brands have to spend a lot of effort in order to seize the market. For example, cross-border cooperation in sportswear has launched themed series designs or limited editions to attract attention, and some sports brands have cooperated with fashion and sports media to increase brand awareness and reputation. Guangzhou , which participated in the sports fashion exhibition area at the Guangdong Sports Expo, as a domestic high-quality self-created brand that has designed many sports activities clothing and youth competition clothing, what surprises will it bring, September 14-16 Guangzhou Pazhou Poly World Trade Center Expo, remember to visit!
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