the push-up bra you have fitted under the skin

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-08
If you \'ve been dying to burn your bra but can\'t face the physical consequences, the solution may be right in front of you.
Doctors have created an \"internal brain\" that claims to eliminate the need for an underwear version. The harness-
If the device is inserted into the skin 40-
Minute keyhole surgery under local anesthetic
This means that patients can go to the hospital in the morning and go home after lunch.
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The procedure should also be cheaper than traditional breast implants, which costs around £ 4,000 and usually requires overnight stays in the hospital.
The bra is the idea of a famous plastic surgeon in Israel.
It is similar in shape to a fabric bra, but is made of silicone, a plastic already used for breast augmentation.
Two surgeons.
Like a cut less than centimeters wide below each breast.
Then insert a silicone cup shaped like a traditional bra cup into about 1 cm below the skin.
Then install thin straps or \"threads \".
These are attached to the ribs between the breast and the shoulder with a pair of titanium screws.
Then sew them on the Cup and everything is tightened to lift the breast to a more \"young\" position.
Dr Eyal Gur, founder of Cup & Up, said: \"A woman can go home from the hospital after a few hours of recovery.
\"Maybe after three days off at home, she can go back to work.
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Dr. Gur, head of microsurgery at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, believes that the positive impact on the patient\'s appearance will continue and follow up
Up operation may only take ten years to tighten the device if it \"gives\" over time.
It is said that the scar is small and the softness of the material is designed to maximize comfort.
Dr Gurr says the degree of support makes it necessary to have a regular bra only when exercising.
Conventional breast lift surgery requires general anesthesia for up to three hours.
Remove excess skin, reshape the breast tissue, and the nipple moves up.
Implants can be added to increase the size of the breast. However-
This effect will not last forever and will have an impact on age, weight gain and pregnancy.
Dr. Gur said the new procedure, known as minimally invasive mastopexy, has attracted the attention of many women.
\"I was overwhelmed by the ladies who wanted to be the first patient to undergo surgery,\" he said . \".
\"Really excited.
It is such a simple concept that no one will think of it, which is surprising.
\"The trial will begin soon and the first operation is expected to take place in the fall of Belgium.
Plastic surgeons can use Cup & Up if all goes wellnext summer.
However, British experts are skeptical.
They warn that the silicone cup is likely to harden under the skin, and women with larger breasts may feel the pull of the device to the ribs.
Lisa Sachs, a consultant in plastic surgery and a member of the British Association of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons, said: \"The problem is the type of skin of a person.
\"You can do what you want if you don\'t have quality skin, but your breasts will drooping again.
You can\'t stop gravity.
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