the problem of breast pain in women who exercise

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-10-02
A few days before last year\'s London Marathon, scientists from the University of Portsmouth Breast Health Research team contacted female drivers at the event registration center, and asked them to fill out an anonymous questionnaire about exercise habits and breast health.
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Breast pain is a common experience for women, athletes and non-athletes of all ages and sizes.
However, scientists have not studied whether and to what extent breast pain is caused by exercise, and, on the contrary, whether and to what extent breast pain changes the way women exercise.
So they surveyed nearly 1,300 of the women registered for the competition and learned, as their new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine shows, this exercise has a significant effect on breast pain and vice versa.
Of course, no one will be surprised that the games affect the breasts, just as it affects almost every organization of the male and female bodies.
However, the breast tissue of a woman is unusual, even at a very young age
But there is little natural anatomical support.
Therefore, when a woman does it, the unconstrained breasts move independently, which is aggravated during the exercise. Earlier motion-
Capture Research by Portsmouth scientists confirmed that female breasts that are not supported, that is, when women run, breasts that are not included in the bra oscillate up to 8 inch in space, not only up and down, and it\'s side by side, forward and backward.
Even if the volunteers were wearing standard sports bras, scientists found that their breasts often continued to swing during running.
But it is not clear whether this breast movement is related to later pain.
That\'s why researchers are now working on what\'s true.
As an active woman, the world consequences of breast pain.
This is an important quality of life issue for women, said Nicola Brown, a member of the Portsmouth Breast Health Research Group, a lecturer in sports science at the University of St. Mary\'s College in London, the lead author of the study.
This is also a problem that cannot be effectively studied in a single laboratory experiment, so scientists decided to investigate the cross-section of active women.
Contrary to what is widely believed, the registration roll for a large Marathon provides a cross-section of an active woman.
Some people think that female marathon runners are slim and childish, because the elite race drivers usually have breasts, doctors.
But she and her collaborators focused their research on the London Marathon, Brown said.
The runners involved have a variety of shapes and sizes, she said.
When scientists analyzed the survey of these runners, they found that they had data on 56 women of different bra sizes, from AA cups to HH and chest
The belt sizes range from 28 to 40 inch.
Women also have a big difference in weight, averaging about 148 pounds.
More than 90% reported that they always wear bras, including during sports.
But these active women are not immune to breast pain.
Their breasts are reported to be in constant pain, although not necessarily due to exercise.
According to runners, the most common cause of breast pain is hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle.
Among the women with the largest breasts, the incidence of breast pain is the highest.
More than half of those wearing F cups or larger cups reported frequent breast pain. But smaller-
Women are also affected;
About 25% of people wear a cup or smaller, saying they often have pain in their breasts.
The authors speculate that the mother reduced the likelihood of women reporting breast pain because of pregnancy and breast pain
Feeding changes the composition of the breast.
The researchers found particularly striking that for many women, the games cause or aggravate breast pain, so breast pain often changes the way women train.
About 25 people with breast pain said that when their breasts were injured, they reduced the intensity of the exercise, for example, when others skipped the exercise completely, they would walk instead of running.
In general, Dr.
Brown said the results showed that,
Associated breast pain can impair the quality and quantity of physical activity in many women.
Of course, many of us may think
The obvious anecdotal evidence of discovery suggests that my friend and I have been complaining about how breast feels when we run.
However, this is the first study to formally review and validate this issue. It also, Dr.
Brown said, \"This highlights the importance and significance of studying the treatment of breast pain. âx80x9d A well-
The fitted supportive bra has been shown to relieve breast pain in about 85% of women with the disease, she said.
But a large number of women, including many London runners, did not wear the right bra.
The breast health research team has released an online guide for convenient bra installation.
However, more research is needed on the design of the sports bra.
Brown said she hopes the cause will make rapid progress, she has just finished her first marathon and is occasionally hampered by breast pain during training.
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