the playground set gets its own bras

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-30
Not long ago, Stephanie Sorkin, a children\'s book author living in Roslyn, New YorkY.
At that time, her five-year-old daughter, Liya, suddenly made a request.
\"She came home from the camp and said, \'Why am I the only one who doesn\'t wear a bra? ’” said Ms. Sorkin, 43.
\"I thought, \'If you don\'t call it a bra, I\'ll go to the store and see what you\'re talking about, but 5-year-
Don\'t wear bras.
In fact, many young girls wear bras.
Like clothes: a piece and a half
Vest, narrow band, a little stretch.
\"This is new underwear,\" said Sandy Sherman, a buyer at several locations in Leicester, a chain store specializing in children\'s wear in New York and New Jersey.
\"It has the same purpose.
\"There are two sizes for Leicester\'s bralettes: 4 to 6 X, 4 to 6 years old, and a larger version of 7 to 14 years old.
\"They should wear under their shirts and give them an extra layer,\" said Jill Garcia, president and chief executive of Malibu Suger . \".
So-of the company-
Called bra camis, looks a bit like the first three thin
The tied leotard is available in about 600 children\'s boutiques in the United States and Canada.
Mainstream retailers and
Established brands are also stocking bras for their young customers, including children\'s venues, Gap children, Zara and Hanes.
Target has 65 girl bras that, as part of its Xhilaration collection, offer what it calls a crop bra.
Old Navy sells cami bra in a peaceful waysign print.
The Maidenform girls range, targeting 8 to 13 years of age, includes bubble gum pink bras;
At Macy\'s Pioneer Square, medden-form works are sold in an area of the children\'s department, close to similar items from Calvin Klein girls.
Josh Saterman said: \"It is important for us to provide the best variety to our customers. in this case, she really feels that it is important to make her daughter feel comfortable . \" A vice president of Macy\'s and fashion director of Millennium department stores, including children\'s wear.
Still, the idea of buying a children\'s bra makes some people uncomfortable, even if it doesn\'t wear a top, and it\'s a heart-shaped pattern in pink and yellow.
Lori Evans said: \"My question about bralettes, not what the kids might want, is how it affects the image of the girl . \" Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Langone Children\'s Research Center, New York University.
\"It\'s on a 5-year-
Always think she has a problem, she needs a breast, or is there an expectation? ”Still, Dr.
\"I won\'t be scared by it,\" Evans said.
If they start stuffing things into small bras, it\'s not the same.
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