The painful misadventures of a well-endowed breast-feeder

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-04
My two daughters feed my little boy 12 times a day and it takes about an hour.
He got up on time at 3: 31 in the morning. m.
And began to glue in the tea tray.
The size of a giant breast of mine.
We know it now: He quit, screaming, I let him start over.
He pulled it away and I locked him back.
I often give him to my husband and hide my face in my hands.
This is not the divine process I imagined, this is breastfeeding.
I\'m ashamed to think--often --
This is quite boring.
I\'m surprised that some women have breast enhancement while reading.
Feed or cut nails-
Amazing multitasking for mothers! --
But I\'m not the woman.
I\'m a woman with big breasts. -
I can\'t-feed right.
When it comes to defining human injustice with the most prominent body parts, I understand
Breast women are arguably the least compassionate. She is well-
Endowed, chesty, buxom, beautiful curve, beautiful shape, stacking.
No one sympathized with her back pain, no one sympathized with the bra on her shoulder skin, and no one would inadvertently brush her chest because, mine, they were fantastic. But as a large-
I never wanted my chest to be the center of the stage.
Since I was 12, when they exploded from my chest to C-
Cup, leaving stretch marks on the side like pale fireworks.
In order to avoid the cat\'s barking, I wore a high-collar shirt and necklace, which affected the quasi-Modo posture.
When I was a teenager, I skipped the fashion trend (baby-doll dresses)
, Give up the exercise so as not to make my chin too hard.
But even so, I understand that these setbacks are ridiculous and stop on the way to the real purpose of my breastfeeding-taking care of my children.
I was destined to be a mythical hippie mother earth, and my body was full of intentions.
The glorious round is right.
This pregnancy inflated me to an unknown and unknown size.
I have gone up 50 pounds but it is the best
The heavy that bore me.
My breasts get so big that I can feel them under my arms.
In the picture of my son\'s feeding, his head was hit by an apple on the cantaloupe.
I measured a nursing bra in Nordstrom, and when the good woman with a tape measure told me that my DD cup swelled to 34 hours, my stomach dropped
Like 34 months.
Like 34 horror.
However, there is little milk from these dumbfounded breasts.
It came, but not enough.
I consulted a lactation consultant. -
Actually, I consulted five. -
Every trip brings more bad news.
A consultant explained that Dash was a \"eater\" and that he spent a lot of time moving his little mouth and pulling it, but he didn\'t get a lot of milk.
It\'s not his fault.
I don\'t have many breasts.
So Dash gained weight, but it was too slow.
At some point in this meeting cycle, a consultant looked up sadly and said a word cursed in my house. The f-word.
When she held my hand, she whispered in an awkward and loving voice, \"formula.
\"There is no bottle,\" I said, and locked the baby on my huge breast.
Throughout the process, I found a surprising and frustrating fact: the size of the breast has nothing to do with the ability to produce milk.
Over the years, I have been angry at other people\'s silly stereotypes of my chest, but I realize that I have become a victim of my own chest.
In fact, having a big chest can actually hinder the breast. feeding.
The breast sometimes becomes so bulky that it needs to be lifted up with a second hand.
I did this with my son as if I had sent a dish of Ambrosia to a small tyrant.
There are other complications. Large-
Women in the chest tend to get more skin irritation at the folds under their breasts.
They are prone to breast pain and Catheter blockage. (
I write these facts as if I was drawing on science, but in fact, it\'s from personal experience. )
In fact, the only care advantage I \'ve found is that it\'s possible to lie on one side and feed-because your breasts and your children lie next to you.
It looks like a suckling pig table at the Iowa fair.
My determination and patience have begun to diminish for months.
Every location I try doesn\'t work.
So, I put the pump.
I follow the hard feeding schedule for care 10
12 times a day, pumping immediately after each time.
If you do the math, you realize that it can be about half
Sleep for one hour each time you care.
\"I really think you should consider joining our breast support group --
\"Feeding Mothers who have some problems,\" Our latest consultant told me . \".
I know why she said that.
She said that because no.
The determinants of women\'s success-
Feeding is not her willpower, nor is it her mother\'s instinct, nor is it the size of her breasts ---
It has the right support of the people around it. \"Screw that!
\"I told me that night that I was very supportive of my husband.
\"I don\'t need a support group.
\"In the next few weeks, I put everything into care.
No dinner, no cleaning, no reading, no TV, no disappointment with productivity.
This is what happened to Dash and I.
It only takes a few hours of care. Finally--it works.
The sprint came out in abundance.
He grew up as a lovely middleman.
Thigh fat roll.
After giving birth to the child for four months, we finally found the slot.
Almost a year now, breast
It seems easy to feed Dash, just like taking potato chips.
With the passing of each month, his golden head gets bigger and my breasts get bigger.
I\'m flooding in the glow of breast enhancement-
Feeding hormone
I \'ve become the worst addict and sometimes wake him up to feed him before I go to bed myself.
As it turns out, I\'m not the natural earth mother I thought I was meant to be.
But look back at those never
The end of the night, the constant crying, the original nipples and the Twitch fiascoes, I see clearly that what I really need all the time is something different: patience.
This is what all mothers have to learn. -
Not just breasts.
But there\'s everything.
Be patient with the world, be patient with your children, and be patient with yourself.
Dash is still a eater;
He took a sip and made a baby sit-
A total.
34 seconds before throwing yourself back.
I told him to do it.
His goal is good. (
And the goal is big. )
I hope long after we finish our breasts.
Hey, he always does--
Throw yourself out and come back to me.
Emily Grosvenor is a writer living in Oregon.
She has a super local blog called \"desperately looking for Salem.
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