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the nfl’s top 10 running backs

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-20
With the launch of the football training camp, Onion sports prepares for the upcoming 2013 NFL season by ranking players in each position.
Here\'s a useful guide to the best running guard in the league. 10.
DeMarco Murray: Onion Sports feels obligated to put a player from the Cowboys on the list so fans in Dallas don\'t complain.
Reggie Bush: having all the good things you\'re looking for in running, however, alas, many of the perfect parts may form an imperfect, disturbing whole, how real it is.
Michael Vic: The talented Philadelphia rear-end guard is expected to play some tricks in the new attack by Chipp Kelly.
Frank Gore: at the end of his season of accumulating 259 bearer for 1,212 yards, Gore seems ready to accumulate 259 bearer for 1,212 yards6. Maurice Jones-
Drew: taking advantage in the backcourt with a mix of athletic ability and explosive power, he hopes it will be enough to help him get rid of any contract. C. J.
Speller: sitting in Kevin Colb\'s futile position throughout the season.
Trent Richardson: after Brown\'s impressive rookie season, don\'t be surprised if he breaks through more than 1,000 completely wasted yards3 this year.
Ray Rice: fast feet and a small figure should allow him to break through new openings in the Ravens\' offensive line.
Arian Foster: The hard run back proves the mistake of the skeptic, who is not long enough to cope with the disappointment of the punishment of playing for the Texans.
Adrian Peterson: stiff-
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