the napier man who burned a house down using cologne: fire by calvin klein

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-10
An angry Napier took a bottle of Calvin Klein cologne and used it to set a house on fire.
The 37-year-old Levi J Pauling admitted by audio that he was deliberately arson and injured.
A visual link to the Napier District Court on Wednesday.
The House of Te Awa Creagh St, which is undergoing renovation, was completely destroyed and the fire also caused damage to the neighboring house.
Paulin has been living at this address with his partner and their children.
Their property was destroyed in the fire and there was no property insurance.
Pauling\'s parents have the Creagh St address.
In February 23, Pauline and his partner went home after a night out and quarreling with another woman.
According to the police\'s summary of the facts, Pauline \"threw his partner on the ground with great power\", causing a big mouth to appear in the back of her head.
Before Pauline pushed her to the ground, she managed to get up and walk to the bedroom to take care of her wounds.
Pauline\'s partner pushed him off.
She went to bed with a towel wrapped in a wound and went to a medical center the next morning.
The day after the attack, Pauline told her, \"he knew he had to leave home to keep her safe because he wanted to stab her in a quarrel \".
He moved to a place for rent, but the couple finally settled and Pauline started living in Creagh St house again.
On March 29, the couple went out together and quarreled again.
Pauline yelled at his partner for talking \"too long\" to another man.
She refused to go home with Pauline, who had a dispute before his partner called the police.
Pauling took a taxi to the Creagh St address and he kicked the dog at home so badly that the neighbors heard yelp.
Pauline poured a bottle of \"CK One\" on the bedding and lit it.
Then he walked into the other bedroom and lit his clothes on the mattress.
He made a third fire on the sofa in the lounge and left.
A few minutes later, the house was \"completely swallowed up\" and the flames on the windows and walls came out of the windows and walls, completely destroying the house and the roof collapsed.
Residents in nearby houses had to wet their waterproof boards with hoses so they wouldn\'t catch fire.
Their house, along with the kitchen, dining area, windows and frame, was severely damaged by the west wall.
Paulin left a voicemail on his partner\'s phone saying \"I \'ve passed the return point and I think that\'s the end of it \".
Later he went back to the hotel and told a group that it was his house and that he caused a fire.
He was arrested at the scene.
Paulin will be sentenced on June.
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