The must-have running gear to get you through winter

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-02
It\'s hard to run in the summer sun.
It\'s not our best friend.
So by the time the fall comes, we \'ve taken the steps, played in the main qualifying rounds, or just enjoyed the 5 to 10 km run with ease.
That is, until we are completely
Dormant patterns in winter.
While it seems tempting to throw a towel to the gym or pool when the temperature drops below zero, you don\'t need to give up running completely just because it\'s bubbling.
In fact, exposed
In the dark months of winter, the spectrum light is very beneficial.
\"The cold weather is not an excuse to run outside,\" the doctor said.
Coach and masseuse BrittanyMoran of the Nike Running Club in Toronto said.
\"If conditions are bad and not safe due to snow or ice, this is a different story.
But you need to dress correctly when it\'s cold.
\"Moran recommended several layered methods, but also recommended several methods that can still reach these miles --
Just like keep slow at the beginning of the run, keep your muscles warm gradually, keep a wider posture, especially when running around the corner, stick well
Keep the sidewalk on your route.
Moran is a warm underground enthusiast when it comes to how to prevent it from getting too cold
Because the wind and cold factor is what we usually get, the wind layer is added.
She also recommends wearing the right shoes to prevent the feet from getting wet and to help you keep your feet stable, which will prevent injuries.
Don\'t forget your sports bra.
If your bra stays moist while sweating, then it keeps you cold when you\'re outdoors.
\"People usually say in the winter that it is 10 degrees more regardless of the temperature, and then wear clothes for that,\" Moran suggested . \".
This glove is for running --
They are passionate and at the same time they also let you browse songs or track your progress on the running app without having to take them off.
The extra thing is that they have a reflective band, so if you run before the sun rises or falls, you will be seen. Ultimate Touch-Technical gloves, $34. 99, saucony.
It may be uncomfortable to check out with a scarf-ie.
Enter the neck tube.
This shape helps keep cold air when the pull rope keeps your layers comfortable in place.
Universal warm collar for men and women, $30, Arthur.
ComSpeed racerNike pair the waterproof upper with the grip
Concentrated rubber outsole, a lightweight shoe that keeps your feet dry and does not slip when you navigate the muddy streets.
Runners will also realize that shorter laces mean that you don\'t have to struggle with the tether or untie the wet rope after running.
Nike Air Zoom 35 shield water-
Nike shoes, $165.
If you\'re going to make a big investment in your running gear in cold weather, that\'s it.
Breathable but sweaty, a long T-shirt like Adidas is one of the most important layers to add to your suit as it keeps your torso warm while keeping it wet, this is the inspirational killer of instant cold weather.
Stella McCartney\'s stylish design means that the insulated wool fabric is stylish and practical.
Adidas Super Climaheat Tee, run by Stella McCartney, costs $250, Adidas.
CaLeg warmersMade with tech wool fabric offers four types of stretching and sweat
Wicking, these cold weather running tights from lulululemon have a high waist, an ankle zipper to make it easier to get in and out, and multiple pockets to store running essentials such as keys and smartphones.
Keep the wool tight 28 \", $128, lululullemon.
It has a high collar, motorcycle-
The RYU jacket is inspired by the shape and waterproof sleeves (
Representing respect for your universe)
, Has a modern matte finish, and will keep warm on its own or under a wind-protected enclosure depending on how cold the weather is.
Shopping $195 women\'s Fairing jacket. ryu.
CaToe is a lineA mixture of merino wool, nylon and elastic protein, these socks from Smartwool can be extended to meet your need to add warmth around your ankles, while also
Dr. Smartwool women ran cold weather socks, and Dr. Smartwool men ran cold weather socks, both of which were $22, mec.
This vest of the Canadian brand lol, paired with long sleeves, is perfect for those winter months that are randomly warm, or under the shell, to increase protection against cold weather.
Ivy, $139, lolelife.
The team of ComDream workThe Knixwear conducted a three-year study of their high-intensity sports bra, which is well justified.
Canadian brands want to create a sports bra for women, women, which makes it easier to get in and out of this category than most bras.
All brands of products are made of moisture.
So you know this bra will keep you dry, so even in-
With cold wind.
Sports bra for Catalyst, $98, knixwear.
CaHeads made a 90 s statement with a knitted hat that keeps your tte comfortable and baked while you\'re wearing bold black and white graphics
Reebok classic Lost and Found beans, $30, Reebok.
Obviously, the shell of the above Shell is a musthave.
This version of Nike is wind-proof and waterproof, has the most heated ventilation areas we have, and has a flap to cover the rear and reflective details of runners who like to hit the ground at any time.
$158 gun jacket, Nike. com
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