the minimalist hospital bag for expecting moms

by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2019-09-04
If you\'re the kind of mom who likes to overdo, do I really need to take everything to the hospital? prepared (like I am)
You may have found several hospital bag lists online, printed them out, and then started packing each item on the list.
These include the dormitory of the vending machine when the food is used up, some changes in the clothes of you and your spouse, when you have a long delivery time, delivery balls, baby blankets and clothing that bring your baby home, and several movies and DVDs waiting for delivery.
In fact, my luggage was just sitting in the corner, mostly the way the nurse came in and out of my delivery room.
I didn\'t open it. . .
I did 24 hours of labor so you would think I would use most of the stuff inside.
The hospital actually has everything I really need, and friends and family are always asking if they can bring anything on their way over.
So, now that I \'ve gone through it all, I \'ve listed the real necessities of any minimalist parent who wants to simplify the delivery experience as much as possible.
The basic necessities are as follows: 1. 1-
2 comfortable pillows: The hospital pillows are very thin and only two pillows are provided for each patient, so bring your own pillows and make sure you put them in brightly colored pillowcases to differentiate them from the hospital2.
Care pillow: when your child arrives, you will spend a lot of time in the day learning to care for your child.
Nursing pillows make it more comfortable for you to learn new skills, especially since your body is exhausted from the day\'s activities. 3.
Nursing Bra/Top: you will want to get milk supply easily again as you will take care of it several times a day.
Also, you will want some clothes that can cover you as you may have a lot of visitors coming in and out of your room.
Hands-free care bra with simple wishes can also free your hands while sucking milk.
This will provide so much relief as your arms hold up the breast pump 10-
20 minutes at a time. 4.
Eye Mask: before, during and after delivery, you will get the least rest in the hospital.
Nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, family and friends and others will be in and out of your room and most likely the lights will be on and off.
For as much rest as possible, bring a blindfold and let the room go out of power so you can sleep for a while.
During my three days in the hospital, more than 50 hospital staff came to my room to introduce themselves, check me and help with my labor and rehabilitation. 5.
Hair Tie/headband: this is a must for mom who wants hair to fall off her face
Fortunately, there is no space.
Everything else, such as socks, shoes, dresses, delivery balls and baby hats, socks, clothes, blankets, diapers, wipes/formula, is provided by the hospital.
This may vary from hospital to hospital, so please call in advance to check or visit the hospital.
Many hospitals even give mothers a diaper bag as a gift with something delicious to use in the first few days of life. [5318]
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