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By suzy menkesdec.
7, 1999 \'Kim walked onto the stage wearing a diamond mask;
Madonna in dark clothesSean (Puffy)
Wearing a fur coat and a comb with diamonds;
Jennifer Lopez Sparkles in Gucci.
This is a \"wonderful\" moment in the slum, where Vogue and TV channel VH1 teamed up to prove that fashion and music are not only trendy
But join in the hips.
After the awards ceremony on Sunday, the Metropolitan Museum held a grand opening ceremony of the \"rock style\", with Elvis Presley\'s rhinestones jumpsuit forming a sparkling rock style --
Star costume, from the silver statue of the Statue of Liberty robe of Elton John to David Bowie as alien avatar of double-sex syndication Ziggy Stardust.
Fifty years after Chuck Berry, Richard Jr. and Elvis invented the rock style, the United States is celebrating a powerful combination of rock and dress.
Gucci\'s Tom Ford said the ad, \"Music is the rhythm of the moment, the beat of our culture,\" won the VH1/Vogue Fashion Designer of the year award.
AdvertisementRichard Martin, the late curator of the Institute of inspiration and clothing behind the Metropolitan exhibition, will agree with this assessment.
\"It is difficult to overestimate the impact of rock on the later period --20th-
He said shortly before his death last month.
\"Rock has always been a dynamic force in visual style compared to the film and/or fashion industry.
\"It\'s not just the public that has accepted the glitz of glam rock, it\'s not just the loose pants that start with the rapper\'s expression in ghettoes. With hip-
Jumping lyrics full of Tommy Hilfiger and the name of ducabana;
Versace\'s rock star and John Galliano were inspired by Laurene Hill at his Dior fashion show, and music and fashion seem to be in trouble --step.
It all started with what the Mets call a rock idol, especially the Elvis Presley and The Beatles, whose pepper Sergeant suit provided a psychedelic color for the show.
In partnership with Cleveland\'s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, Metropolitan brings together costumes that shock and shock a generation.
The subtext is sex, whether it\'s Mick Jagger\'s body
Embrace the \"jump Jack glitter\" costume, short or notorious tapered dress by Tina Turner
Jean Paul Gaultier\'s styling bra for Madonna.
The guest curator, Mira Walker, divided the show into five themes: \"poets and dreamers \"(
Think about Janis Joplin, Woodstock and Summer of Love;
\"Rebel\", the black leather jacket is an eternal uniform, from the super rich of the 1960 s to Mary J. Mary J. Blige today.
The most powerful category is \"icon \"(
Beatles, Elvis Presley and Mick Jagger)
Role-playing: the \"excellent disguise\" of Bowie, Elton John, Madonna and Michael Jackson \".
This exhibition is sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger, the designer who has the closest connection with rap and hip hop musichop.
He also wrote a \"rock style\" with Anthony de Curtiz, whose images effectively bring clothes to pulsating and spinning lives like video clips from museum displays.
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Hilfiger says fashion has been swinging around dresses since a long time ago.
\"30 years ago,\" he said, \"I opened a shop when I was 18 to sell the clock base and mod costumes to rock singers and rock fans.
The musician inspired me.
His latest ad campaign is Tommy Locke \"!
\"During the recent trip, photos were taken by Lenny Kravitz, jewelry and Rolling Stones.
\"Even if you look at Elvis Presley\'s costume from the 1960 s, the studs and the rhinestones affect all the fashion designers,\" he said . \".
So are Cher and Mick Jagger.
Keith Richard was the first person to wear leopard and leather.
Then it was Jimmy Hendricks with his mod gear.
Rolling Stones have been a symbol of fashion for 35 years.
The advertisement cleverly tied the photos together to show how Aerosmith\'s soft hat and flowing hair imitated stone;
And how the animal patterns that rhyme from Richards to Busta are worn.
But how does metropolis think about the connection between Elton John and Spice Girl?
Apart from their platformsoled boots?
\"What stars have in common is that clothes are conceptual,\" said curator Walker . \".
\"They care about their music and how they will show themselves.
It\'s a lot like performing arts. \"-
Clothes are also common on them.
As likin said
Wearing a silver mesh skirt and bra top with green rhinestones to match her nail polish --
When it comes to fashion, \"there is no thing that goes too far \".
\"It\'s about the excess, and it\'s about the exhibition business --
Look at Madonna, \"said Hilfiger.
\"She has captured the concept of fashion, from 1980-year-old street hippie to 90-year-old charming women.
Madonna\'s chameleon style and obsession with fashion echo Bowie\'s style;
The other stars are repeating.
The rock age of a pair of diamonds-studded jeans.
Puff Daddy\'s fur can be regarded as the 1999 edition black fur and white leather coat made by Elvis Presley in Memphis in 1974.
This is a prescient style borrowed from the sharp dresser at ghettoes, and they have become designers today --Dressed as a rapper.
At 1990, Grand Puba hit \"Hilfiger\" at the top \".
\"Since then, Li Jin (
\"Usually rock Prada, sometimes Gabanna \")
Fashion name-
Drop with Foxy Brown (
\"You got me, I Rock You, Versace and Amami \").
Donatella Versace is the center stage and stage of the awards ceremony.
Alexander McQueen won the Pioneer Awardgarde designer.
\"At the Metropolitan Museum, he showed a distressed Union Jack banner sequins coat made for Bowie\'s recent\" trip to Earth.
\"I want to bring him back to the original
\"At the beginning, he was a Ziggy Stardust,\" McQueen said . \".
But the current dilemma is: can they still convey the original message of rebellion once the costumes that challenge social customs and shock traditional society arrive at the museum?
Perhaps that\'s why today\'s music stars prefer to embrace fashion institutions and appear in fashion in a literal or metaphorical way.
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A version of the article was published in the International Herald Tribune on December 7, 1999.
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