the medical benefits of breast reduction surgery

by:INGOR SPORTWEAR     2019-09-13
Large breasts that do not match the female body can cause persistent pain in the back, neck and shoulders.
Except for breast reduction surgery, there is nothing that can produce growth time.
A long-term solution to this problem.
Breast reduction surgery is very successful, but people have to be willing to accept scars as a trade --
Leave in order to relieve pain and a smaller, more upward look of the breast.
The large breasts, medically known as giant breasts, are associated with a range of skeletal symptoms, including back, shoulder and neck pain.
The weight of the breast will eventually cause the skin to cross the shoulder from the strap of the bra, and the strap of the bra is tilted down.
Although insurance companies often insist on conservative treatment measures such as weight loss and physiotherapy before approving surgery, only real breast reduction surgery can truly alleviate relevant medical symptoms.
Breast reduction is a very successful operation that provides immediate and long-term surgery in each patient
Long-term relief of back, shoulder and neck pain.
After many breast reductions, I am sure that this relief is as much as the breast recovered from the amount and weight of the breast tissue to a higher position.
Patients often ask if they will accept breast lift and breast reduction.
The answer is. . . . . absolutely!
Design of breast reduction (
Very geometric operation)
This is the case, lifting and reset at the same time.
Like making a cone with a flat sheet of paper, remove a wedge of skin and breast tissue from below, and the breast is moved to a higher position along with the nipple. (
A simple example)
This makes the remaining breast tissue temporarily located at the height of the chest wall, which will eventually be the case.
Although the breasts look too full after the initial surgery (
The bottom of the breast looks cut or Taiping)
Breast will get better in a few weeks.
If the breast is made into a perfect circle at the end of the operation, then it will not be like this in the future.
If so, the breast will reveal the bottom later and the top will not remain full.
You have to think about the design of breast reduction, how the breast will change after surgery to get good resultslooking result.
There is a price for all of this. . . . so to speak. . . .
The price is a marked scar on the breast.
When I say that there is a large area of breast scar, I am not saying that the scar will look bad.
I mean (length)
The scar on the breast will be great.
Fortunately, half of the scar on the breast is located in the lower part of the breast and is not seen.
The visible remainder runs around the nipple and then vertically down to meet the folding of the lower part of the breast.
While I rarely do modifications to breast scars, patients need to have a good understanding of the scars to make sure it\'s an acceptable deal --off.
Breast reduction works well and is very acceptable to most patients.
Breasts can be scaled down to almost any size the patient likes and are more matched to their body structure.
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