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by:INGOR SPORTSWEAR     2022-09-08
The choice of fabric color: generally tall people can choose dark colors, which can avoid people's visual bloated feeling; and short stature, it is best to choose light-colored fabrics, which can give people a sense of stretch. Young people should not wear fabrics with fuzzy flower shapes and dark colors, so as not to look old-fashioned. And the elderly should not choose bright fabrics with bright flowers, so as not to lose their stability and deep image. The collar of the sportswear suit is also the main part. When purchasing, it depends on whether it is flat, whether the collar window is round and smooth, and whether the lapel is flat against the collar window for a week. At present, the collar bottom of high-end sportswear suits is velvet bottom, the texture is flat and easy to flatten, and it belongs to the international popular sportswear suit raw materials. The middle and low-end sportswear suits are mostly made of this material. The choice of style, to choose a good style, you should first master the characteristics of sportswear suits. In addition to requiring smooth shoulder seams, the shoulders of sportswear suits should also be properly“warped”, which is commonly known as a raised shoulder. But the shoulders are not shrugged, not the shoulders are higher than the collar window. Raised shoulders, from the collar window to the middle of the shoulders, should follow the shape of this part of the human body naturally.“collapse”Go down until the sleeves and shoulders are lifted up again, thus giving people a natural beauty. Flat shoulders, end shoulders, and shrugs are special modifications that do not conform to the characteristics of sportswear suits. When purchasing football uniforms, you should pay attention that the neck of the sportswear suit should be the same width as the person's face, and if the person with a narrow face chooses a style with a wide neck, the face will appear narrower. At the same time, the neck should be turned down naturally, to have a comfortable and full visual effect. The choice of workmanship: The workmanship of the sportswear suit is also very important. The rough workmanship makes the sportswear suit easy to lose shape during the wearing process, which greatly reduces the beauty of the sportswear suit. Therefore, be sure to check the workmanship when purchasing a sportswear suit. 1. It depends on whether there are oil marks or stains on the surface of the sportswear suit. 2. It depends on whether the fabric stitching is coordinated and natural. 3. Check whether the suture is straight, whether there is broken thread, heavy thread and jumper. 4. It depends on whether the sportswear suit and the sportswear suit surface are compliant, and whether there is bulging or wrinkling. 5. It depends on the ironing effect of the clothing, whether it is straight, whether the gloss is consistent, and whether there is any scalding damage. The choice of materials: First of all, the materials used for sportswear manufacturer suits are to identify the texture of the fabrics, so as to prevent profiteers from pretending to be real and shoddy. Second, pay attention to the materials of the inner lining and the pocket lining to see if the density is too loose, so as not to match the good surface with the secondary lining and affect the wearing. Pay attention to the inspection of trademark, manufacturer and product qualification certificate: see if its content is complete and reliable, and whether it is a counterfeit trademark. The reason why sportswear suits are so popular, the editor personally thinks that it should be determined by the properties of sportswear manufacturer, because sportswear suits are very comfortable to wear, and they are very suitable for men, women and children. In addition, in recent years, sportswear suits have already gotten rid of the old-fashioned old style, constantly updated styles, chasing the trend of the times, no matter in terms of style, fabric or color, the current sportswear suits have been done very well. Not bad, it can be worn not only on sports occasions, but also in most life scenes and even commercial scenes. Related recommendation: Sports meeting uniforms
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